Runoft is original progressive hard rock with all of the right influences, particularly Rush, Tool, Primus, early Incubus, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, and Megadeth seasoned with NOLA flavor. It can be respected by musicians and the average listener alike.


Runoft is a three-piece “Reactive Aggressive Progressive” rock band that was started in New Orleans in 2003 by Greg Jeanfreau and James Thibodeaux. The two began webbing intricate tap oriented bass lines with a constant barrage of melodic notes on guitar. The occasional guitar hook is thrown in to make the music accessible to various tastes. Greg Jeanfreau soon decided to take over singing duties for the band adding yet another melody to the system. After Katrina hit the Big Easy in ’05 and destroyed most of the bands equipment, long time friend and drummer Greg Farley joined the group adding a heavy and sometimes funky flavor to the music. Runoft soon regrouped and decided to take their talents to the masses becoming one of the premier live acts in New Orleans. It is not uncommon for fans to approach the band after a live performance with looks of amazement coupled with questions about the next show. The power trio is currently saving the proceeds from their shows to record and produce their much-anticipated first album.


coming soon!! finishing vocals on our 1st studio recorded ep!!!!

Set List

We generally do anywhere from 8 to 12 original songs per set depending on the situation and venue. We do not do covers unless we are screwing around at rehearsal. Sorry Fogahat.