Three gentlemen influenced by Sonic Youth, Gang of Four, the Pixies and early Elvis Costello write short songs with tight hooks. Download their first record here: and for a sampling of songs, try


Runrunner combines fast-paced guitars, a taut rhythm section, and often neurotic lyrics to drive a restless, nervous energy through some immediately memorable songs. While influenced by the likes of Television, Wire, + Fugazi, RunRunner's songs are decidedly their own; executing tappable rhythms, hummable basslines, melodic guitars and cutting vocals. Consisting of David Kain on bass and vocals, Graham Gormley on guitar and vocals, and Adam Herndon on the drums, the band formed about a year ago and has been playing in Philadelphia + NYC to ever increasing crowds. They have released a self titled album available everywhere on Itunes, Emusic, Rhapsody, Amazon and other etailers worldwide. They are currently recording a second album which is set to be released Jan of 2009.


Self titled LP. Available for free download here:

Set List

Typical opening set is 25-35 mins, depending on need. Typical headlining set is 45 mins-1hr, depending on want.