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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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"Run Run Run returns, in 'Good Company'"

Run Run Run seems to be edging slowly away from the shoegazer stylings that put the quartet on the L.A. map a few years ago. Oh, on cue from front man Xander Smith's lyrics, the guitars will still ache and rustle and rumble, but on the band's forthcoming new EP, "Good Company," the approach is more straight-ahead. The new material was conceived in small town upstate New York and marked the first time the band had written songs as a group.

Here's a little taste -- and details on a show tonight where you can catch some of the new stuff:

||| Download: "Julie."

||| See Run Run Run perform tonight at Safari Sam's with the Dilettantes (new project from Brian Jonestown Massacre's Joel Gion) and the After Midnight Project, among others. - L.A. Times

"All of a Sudden I Can't Stand"

No, no - this isn't some yearbook book photo of Snape and some other Slytherin capers from Hogwarts' earlier days. Rather, this brooding crew is the Los Angeles-based quartet of Run Run Run. Adjectives I hear in reference to this group run along the lines of fun, entertaining, and goofy. Surprise, surprise - certainly not the words that would have come to mind when I see the picture above, and their music? Run Run Run displays quite a bit of variety in their discography. I've recently come to love the track All Of A Sudden. What I anticipated to be a mere background track as I did some work came bursting through as my main focus. Starting off with some gentle guitar work, the track gradually builds in anticipation of the vocals, and the vocals really take the cake with this track. Xander Smith's vocals come out like an effortless breath, and the echo that follows gives a depth to the entire track. Good stuff indeed, and it's certainly been noticed by some other class acts. I've come to pretty much know these guys as the after party band. Riding the highs of the likes of The Flaming Lips and Interpol, Run Run Run are the ones that make sure you're set for the rest of your night. Speaking of Interpol, Run Run Run are certainly going to their job and make sure your sent off well for the night at the after party show for Interpol at Stubb's Wednesday night. It's free for all you Interpol-goers and only $10 for everyone else. If you're already at Stubb's that night, you pretty much have no reason not to go so be sure to mosey on over afterwards....

Various Songs From Run Run Run (all songs are right click - save as):
All Of A Sudden
Fade Into You

Learn more about these guys at the Run Run Run site.
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- Both Sides of the Mouth - Austin Music blog

"Run Run Run Gets Remixed"

Run Run Run Get Remixed
August 11, 2006

Exclusive! L.A. quartet Run Run Run have been remixed by Madonna and Richard Ashcroft keyboardist/producer, Marcus Brown. Download it now!

When Run Run Run were in the studio recording their May '06 release of Endless Winter, the band collaborated with Marcus Brown, keyboardist/producer for the likes of Madonna and Richard Ashcroft, and now Brown's sexy remix of "Song and Dance" will be featured on the Australian release of that album. The band offer a different remix on each version of the album they release (the U.S. one boasts an electro-pop snazz-up of Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You"), and vocalist/guitarist Xander Smith told Brown's British club-fueled remix "turns 'Song and Dance' upside down." "[Brown] changed the rhythm section so it's got a heavy dub, Fat Boy Slim-vibe to it," Smith said, which makes sense considering Brown was in the studio with Madonna when he started tinkering with Run Run Run's songs. "Naturally [the track] takes on a dancey, electronic vibe. It's almost like a Madonna b-sides!"

Now Hear This:
Run Run Run - "Song and Dance" (Download MP3)

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"Run Fast to Catch Them"

Using influences such as My Bloody Valentine, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Run Run Run have crafted a sound that is sure to please. They will be appearing at Pianos in NYC on June 23, Conduit in Trenton on June 24 and Whiskey Bar in Hoboken on June 28.

Run Run Run are touring in support of their new album, Endless Winter, a double CD which was released last month. The album contains a bonus CD featuring remixes of their songs by A-Trip, members of Bauhaus and Madonna's band. DJs in Philadelphia and New York have already started playing the remixes.

The Los Angeles band initially gained popularity through their constant touring in support of bands like the Strokes and My Chemical Romance. This caught the attention fo Billboard Magazine, who organized a show for them in the fall of 2005, which led to a deal with Song & Dance Records.

Pianos is located at 158 Ludlow at Stanton. The show kicks off at 7:30pm and tickets are $8. Also on the bill are Reflectionstack, The Hard Tomorrows and This Radiant Boy. Conduit is located on 439 South Broad St. Tickets ae $10 in advance and $12 at the door and the show starts at 4pm. Headlining will be The Frantic. Whiskey Bar is located at 125 Washington St. Also on the bill are The Kause and Low Down. Go to,, or for more info. - Aquarian

"Run Run Run - Endless Winter"

Having listened to the band’s first two EPs until they were little more than shiny coasters, I was excited to hear that Los Angeles based rockers Run Run Run were finally releasing their first full length album, Endless Winter. The record, which consolidates the best tracks from the previous EPs, also features newer fan favorites such as “Try” and “Backseat,” as well as some great bonus remixes from the band’s extended family.

Led by singer/guitar player Xander Smith, the band’s live shows are an experience in themselves, combining hauntingly intense music with a light show designed by the front man himself. I’m not talking kid stuff here, people. Undoubtedly Smith puts as much passion into the lighting design as he does into the music. Which begs the question: Can a band that is both musically and visually oriented create an album that is able to stand alone?

A resounding YES echoes in my ears as I am inundated with a sound so unique it is hard to define. With influences like My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Muse, RRR’s blend of psychedelic guitars, hard hitting rhythms, and heart wrenching lyrics capture listeners and hold on tight. Smith’s vocals are reminiscent of Billy Corgan, sounding so sweet and pure in one moment while conveying a powerful sense of suffering and pain in the next. “Wait Up For You,” which MySpace featured as the first spotlight video in 2006, intersperses gritty guitar riffs with angry love song lyrics to form a spurned-love retrospective on the pain of loss and rejection.

Besides “Wait Up For You,” the band may be best known for their version of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”. They truly make the song their own, spicing up the beats a bit, adding a dash of angst, and stirring it all together with a fervor that makes you forget that someone else did it first. As a bonus with the first pressing is a second CD, featuring remixes of the song by David J. of Bauhaus and Z-Trip. Tracks like “2 a.m.” and “All of a Sudden” make a decidedly low-fi departure from the intense, harder rocking tunes that compose the main chunk of the album, whereas “Beautiful Feeling” combines psychedelic guitars with Beatles-esque pop to create a musical chronology of the deterioration of a relationship. The vocals start off upbeat, sweet and catchy; by the end it is flatter, darker, and richer.

And that is what Run Run Run does best: Switch it up to keep you interested. The primary theme of love and loss prevails in all tracks, but each song offers a new perspective on the topic. Headquartered in a town where quantity is preferred to quality, Run Run Run is a much needed reprieve from the mass produced image-driven rock bands that dominate the Strip. -


Drizzle EP
Endless Winter EP
Endless Winter
Good Company EP
upcoming full length album in 2010



In 2007 L.A.'s Run Run Run released their new EP, "Good Company." These songs landed them on KROQ, INDIE 103.1 and radio stations across the U.S. Rx3 recorded with U.K. hitmaker Noah Shain and legendary frontman, Steve Perry, and hit the road, headlining their own U.S. club tour, showcasing for KCRW at CMJ and playing shows with Interpol, Ween, The Bravery and Sparta.

Previously, Run Run Run's unique indie rock sound and hypnotic lo-fi light show, two EPs and support slots for the Strokes, Psychedelic Furs and My Chemical Romance caught the attention of Billboard Magazine in fall of 2005. Billboard organized a showcase for the band. This performance and a residency at Silverlake's renowned Club Spaceland landed them a record deal for "Endless Winter."

Endless Winter was released by Song&Dance Records in the US on May 16, 2006. Australia's Magic Castle/Universal Records released a slightly different version of the CD in August 2006. The music is described as nightmarish pop with infectious melodies, droning guitars, aggressive rhythms and cutting lyrics.

The band will continue to tour through the end of the year. Endless Winter is available on iTunes and at live shows. Good Company is available digitally at or at their live shows.