Run Silent Run Deep

Run Silent Run Deep


We love to play our songs, create new music and perform shows with all the energy and musicianship we have.


"If you've come looking for the next 'vintage' band you've come to the wrong place. You won't find any stolen riffs from rocks great past. There is no garage pop here. Run Silent Run Deep are a band that write and play songs that are simply them. If you MUST draw comparisons think Interpol beauty colliding with Foo Fighters power rock intertwined with Bad Religion lyrical complexities.

Run Silent Run Deep recorded their first LP, and thus began, in Spring 2003. They have been playing regionally in Washington DC, Arlington VA, Baltimore, Philly and NYC ever since. They continue to grow, create new music and play great shows. Things are looking even better with a new EP this fall. They seem to live for their music and cherish the journey of rock musicians."



Written By: T. Schantz

The Storm barricades of history
The ligaments of limbs in surgery
Comb your hair and groom yourself down
tomorrow we will leave you sick clowns

Oh the circles we once pushed so hard
They took you to nowhere you felt engorged
I'm gonna say, without shame, we will transcend this all
Waiting until the end of this and I will be late

Tomorrow in a sea of innocence
Of spinning wheels and circumstance
The window of our home will face the ocean
Do you hear the call?

The facts they add up quickly
A skeleton frame of a wing
We work while we live
We work til we die
I lost sight of my plans


*LP "Season of Fire" Recorded Spring 2003 at Inner Ear Studios w/ Don Zientara(Fugazi, Dismemberment Plan)
*Singles "Last Breath" and "Rite To Know" in rotation on XM Radio "Unsigned"
*Single "Color of Bruise" #1 download on for 3 weeks in a row
*Singles "Overcome" "Rite to Know" and "Signs" in rotation on George Washington University Radio
*Single "Arrow" played on Baltimores comercial rock station 98 Rock
*Single "Color of Bruise" in rotation at the University of Maryland radio station
*Single "Last Breath" chosen for Oasis CD Sampler

Set List

Length of set: 35 minutes - 1 hour depending on bill size (typically 45 minutes)
Songs: On average 5 from the LP, 3 from our upcoming EP, and possibly 1 cover which would be either "King of Pain" by the Police
She Said
1/2 of Zero
Rite to Know
Last Breath