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London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Alternative Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Drowned In Sound- 8/10"

"They’re fucking exciting. Now that’s not something you can say about your average band, but there are so many ideas and styles kicking around on this lengthily titled but blisteringly energetic 18 minute record that it’s hard to keep up or form a coherent overview of where they sit as a act." - Drowned In Sound

"I hope this all works out so I can stop standing on even amounts of manholes in the street"

Well now, this band dictate to me which letters of their name I can use uppercase for and which I can use lowercase for. I have no choice in the matter. And their press release sets them up big time. Without really doing them a great deal of justice at all. The title of the record may just give you a pre-supposed idea about them. But I would suggest I have made a wise decision to ignore all of this and just listen to the music. Which is plain and simply inspiring stuff.

It’s an intense record, but it isn’t for the average impatient, 1 minute hardcore song fan. Neither is it really going to impress the average Dillinger Escape Plan fan. It has its Converge moments as much as it has its Biffy Clyro moments. 30 seconds of noise are followed by a complete drop out and a dirty bass line for a minute or so. More than anything you get the impression that this lot simply make music exactly as they like it. Which is always the sign of something good.

It's not especially anything you haven’t heard before on an Icarus Line album, but let’s be honest, the world needs more bands that sound like that. I hope this lot do fucking well for themselves. They are on to a good thing. I would recommend having a cheeky listen and reminding yourself that sometimes distorting every instrument is a good thing. -

"Run, Walk! : 'I Hope This All Works Out So I Can Stop Standing On Even Amounts Of Manholes In The Street'"

I have to confess to knowing little about Run, WALK! outside of a few mentioned pieces in the press release. Namely, that they have been around for a couple of years, thrashing about in the background, and that they are incredibly young to be making such a din. Although, of course, that isn’t a particularly valid statement as Cave In made their debut at fifteen and that was heavy as sin.

Not to take away from them though, this is an incredibly mature effort for two young men, still a couple of years shy of escaping their teens. On this, rather lengthily titled, debut proper they have managed to amalgamate various different genres into to one genre smashing record. Combining the deafening heaviness of other Holy Roar acts such as Rolo Tomassi or Throats with the brutality-to-ambient ratio of stunning US acts such as HEALTH with the indie sensibility of forward thinking acts such as Bloc Party. I would definitely say they have intertwined elements of the aforementioned Cave In along with cult US supergroup Kid Kilowatt.

Opening track, “Back of My Mind” immediately demonstrates their grasp of the dynamics of heavy tunes, breaking out into a jagged riff before their raw vocals scream over the top leading to a pounding break down which explodes into a sea of chaos and technicality. Pretty much laid out their objectives there I feel.

Second track, “Projections On The Wall” hit’s somewhere between “hardcore band in indie mode” and Daughters. Which, as one might guess, is short, sharp and to the point as well as being beautifully bizarre. Then, “Trees Are Raw” kicks in with it’s rough vocal and surprisingly funky bassline which is blasted away by some serious noise rock which stops. Suddenly. And leads us through a gently breakdown before a serous assault on the ears, overseen by a shimmering, post-rock melody which leads us out to the close.

Smack in the middle of the record we hit the first moment of true indie sensibility as gentle Minus The Bear-esque twisted melodies slip sumptuously out of the speakers while harmonious vocals soar over the top. Then we are swept away by an enormous riff that is pure Cave In, in it’s monolithic nature and it’s beauty. The hilariously titled, “He Who Must Not Be Named” takes through a maelstrom of heavy and melodic juxtapositions and is possibly the most off the wall track on the record. While with, “Horizons”, the end is in sight, though we still have to fight through this monster of a track. A single minute of pure intensity. Do not take on lightly.

And with the title track, we are taken out on something new. Despite having taken in so many influences and styles across the record whilst making them their own, here they produce a five minute piece of post-rock shimmering in beauty, with glockenspiel samples and haunting electronic loops layered gently over the top, creating a rather wonderful sense of serenity to close out.

"Kerrang- 4/5 Ks"

"Expect this pair to follow Rolo Tomassi into the hearts of those who love music best when its completely off the wall" - Kerrang

"Rocksound- 8/10"

"run,WALK! are the type of band that cause car crashes. They refine chaos: songs like 'Trees Are Raw' shouldn't be so catchy and addictive, and that's terribly distracting. They make such a brilliant noise that attempting to concentrate on anything else is futile" - Rocksound

"Roughtrade Records"

"run, walk! stand in a unique position in todays post post hardcore landscape. while effortlessly sliding in a group hug with the likes of shellac, fugazi et al, they maintain a scuffed-up british mentality. wielding a grasp of dynamic songwriting not unlike fellow angular travelers bloc party, it sounds so much more thrilling married to the tradition of balls-out noise rock." - Roughtrade Records

"Die Shell Suit Die- 8/10"

"Tempering the distorted chaos with blasts of melody, squeaks of electronics and twisted little tunes that stick right in your head." - Die Shell Suit Die


New Roars On The Block 7"
7 track Mini-album
Instrumental EP
"PEEKAY" 3 track EP (free download)
Run Walk / Sirs Split 7"

Tracks have been played on : Radio 1, XFM, BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing, Artrocker Radio, NME radio and more!



Matthew Pickering-Copley (bass, vocals) and Tom Clements (drums) aka Run Walk have been battering UK and European audiences with their bass-led artrock for several years.

They formed as teenagers in the southern city of Winchester and it wasn't long until they were snapped up by influential hardcore label Holy Roar (Gallows, Rolo Tomassi, Trash Talk, The Ghost of a Thousand). Shortly afterwards they released the seven track EP 'I Hope This All Works Out So I Can Stop Standing on Even Amounts of Manholes in the Street' to critical acclaim.

Their unrelenting hard work and dedication to the cause was rewarded in 2011 with a slot at SXSW where the band were one of the loudest and most devastating highlights of the festival. Soon after the band also signed to Topshelf Records (Pianos Become The Teeth, Defeater +more) in America and released a split 7" in USA and UK through both their labels.

Recent tours have further demonstrated why Run Walk are one of the most exciting and furious live acts in the UK right now.