With one of the best live shows around. Runway has a little to offer everyone. For the indie kids: mellow guitar & soft sweet vocals. For the hxc kids: screaming, thunderous drums, & thick guitar riffs. To the pop kids go the keyboards & electronic sampling. For the parents wholesome & clean lyrics.


"Emo" has so quickly become the trendy new music catchphrase for the recent influx of rock resurgence that it has nearly lost its entire significance as the emotional filled rock it originated from. So many bands have been quick to claim the title, yet hold it with little or no passion. Enter Runway. Not only are they recapturing the definitive meaning of the genre by abounding deep emotion between their intense variance in dynamics and layered vocal beauty, but their feelings are backed by passionate beliefs in love, faith, and hope, making their emotions not only compelling, but full of genuine sentiment as well. And "genuine" is a prime adjective that comes to mind upon meeting them up close. Where as some groups save their passion for the stage, Runway's enthusiasm is relevant both in and out of the spotlight. "We wanna show people that God is real in a very real world. That yes life has its downs and yes we fall because well... we're all human and fall short, but God will always be there for you if you just look up." Says singer and keyboardist Jean-Thomas.


The Prayer

Written By: ~Runway~

For the first time in a long time, I see life as a gift from you.
And for the first time in a long time, I feel the strength to see it through.
And I am begging you not to let my heart grow cold again.
I can't take another day of giving into sin
Candle light is burning low, so many letters left unwrote.
(This world's so cold now, is this the fall out)
So many things I wish to know, take what you want and don't let go.
(The candle light is burning low, take my hand and don't let go)
Meet me when it's right, meet me when it's right, I'll meet you in the sunrise, meet me when it's right. We can win this fight, we can win this fight. I'll battle right beside you, if you'll just hold me tight.

Sometimes You Gott'a Burn Down Cities to Get There

Written By: ~Runway~

Watch your mouth.
Catch the words on the tip of your tounge.
Cause anything you say tonight.
It can never be undone.
The knife cuts deep you stabbed me in the back.
Did you really think that I, deserved all of that.
You words cut sharper than any blade that graced my wrist.
And your words leave bruises deeper than any by a fist.
Woah oh-oh.
You hands are at my heart, your words are tearing me apart.
Woah oh-oh, Woah oh-oh
You think you speak these things only once.
But these words they linger and they haunt.
You're like an artist in the way you draw you lines.
This one to decieve me, and this one to hide.
Words could kill me, they could save me.
Wait hold you tounge, leave what damage is already done.
Because everything you've said to me is killing me killing me now.
You're bullite is cruel, and merciless to me.
You poison is think, pours in my ear, down my throat now I can't breath

Letters and Replies From London

Written By: ~Runway~

Got your letter today and I read it.
Don't think it was quite what I had expected.
Opening lines were just like a cork screw.
Straight through my chest and into a bottle from you.
Pull the top out and my heart comes with it.
(Heart comes with it)
You poison will burn all that's left and any remants.
(And remants)
This is the ghost of me.
(This is the)
This is the ghost of me.
(Ghost of me)
And don't expect a letter to be sent.
And please don't expect for me to ever visit.
Yet if you should stop by I will let you in.
But I should remind you I've stayed home for less than this.
And I will be there to hold you still
(in this frozen air I feel the breath pass you lips, the tough of you hand and you justvmight slip)
And don't be alarmed if the hands of a ghost are all you feel.
(Straight through again and fumbled right in, you lies starting with just, and ending with friends)
Loneliness, emptiness, selfishness, they were all lies
(Please don't)
Loneliness, emptiness, selfishness, they were all lies
(Please don't say you)
You gave me nothing but
(Please don't say you love)
Lonelieness, emptiness
(Please don't say you love me)
Selfishness, loneliness
Emptiness, selfishness
Loneliness, emptiness, selfishness
Loneliness, emptiness, selfishness
They were all lies
Don't tell me, you love me, anymore.
Don't you lie to me me, don't you freak on me, Don't you lie to me.
Don't you lie now.


A Trip to Hollywood... and a Glimpse of Make-Believe

Set List

7 songs
30-45min sets

(avg set list)
Sometimes You Gott'a Burn Down Cities to Get There
Letters and Replies From London
Like and Frieght Train on Prom Night
Peace and Mortor Shells
The Prayer
Lights, Camera... Breath

all originals no covers