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Ruph Regimen

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We can bring a balance of up and downs to a show because in essence that is what Ruph Regimen means. We can get the crowd amped and ready to party, then switch gears to something relaxed. Our music is a form of relatable hip hop many demographics can enjoy as Topics range from dating to politics.


I have always had a passion and respect for the art of hip hop growing up listening to artists like Jay-z, Eminem and Snoop Dogg. I went through many musical phases and still have an eclectic taste, however as a teenager i listened to mainly artists like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Jimmy Hendrix.
It started as a hobby and has turned into a urge and necessity. I wrote my first rhyme in grade 8 on the september 11 attacks because it was the only way i felt comfortable expressing how i felt at the time. Then i sat on it for a couple years cus i didnt think i could possibly get any better, but as the passion grew for the music i realized how hard i had to work to develop the talent. After three years i had decent punchlines, hooks, and a better understanding of how to write bars in flow. After that it was just about writing what i wanted to say, rather than what was the main influence.
I focused more on music than my studies at Brock University which is where i met Matt Lee. He had been making beats and i heard about him through my roommate, so i talked to him, and got my first two songs recorded called "chronic problems" and "I dont know". Those two didnt make "Nowhere but Right Here" which is going to be released in February of 2010.
It is a lyrical journey, reminiscing about my childhood to the realization of where i am going in life. It ranges from topics of politics in "White collar ethics", to understanding my needs in "Hallow Happiness" and the motivation to aquire those needs in "Go Get it". Good vibes are aquired through songs such as "Nowhere but Right Here", Yearbook", and "How do you Feel", while sticking to my true hip hop roots with tracks such as "Facin the Facts", "Across the Street", and "Follow these Footsteps".
I feel that i am a regular person who chose an irregular occupation which sets me apart from a lot of emcees. I write about what i know which makes me real to an extent that relates to the listener. My stage name explains my story, as a "Ruph Regimen" doesnt pertain to the hard life, however its the hard work put in to achieve what you want in life; and that is to be a hip hop artist.


Album: "Nowhere but Right Here" (Feb.2010)

Set List

We start shows with a quicker song like "This ones for you" which is basically an ode to the audience. Next usually a more relaxed song like "Hallow Happiness" would follow settle them down. After that "Follow these Footsteps" which is a quick tempo look at my influences in music. "Nowhere but Right Here" is a fast track about a drunken tale of a night out which many bar crowds can appreciate. "Yearbook" and "Across the Street" are calming songs before ending it with "Facin the Facts" which has an up tempo concious appeal. Those seven songs would be the primary 35-45 minute set. We have other songs under our belt as well to lengthen the set time if needed.