Ru Ripp

Ru Ripp

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
BandHip Hop

Energetic and fun. Somewhat mentor-ish


Rooted in Tenn, surfacing from milwaukee. This is the mid-west, therfore we have acquired the sound of all coastal rap styles. Midwest mentality, down-south approach, east-coast philosophy. Or rotate those combinations, because they happened to be interchangeable. Works have been submitted to Talib Kweli and his mix-tapes and I have direct connection to Project Pat of Hipnotized Minds, in fact; if anyone wants me to contact him for booking, give me a call at 414-243-3273 and I can set you up with a song or show with Project Pat today. Your budget is welcome, even if you only have 1 grand to 2 grands to spend. Look me up on rulerripp@facebook I will battle anybody in a ryme-test. Any coast. I am Ruler.


Another Day vrs#1

Written By: Ruler Ripp

Yea im climbin up these walls and i cant wait til a nigga be ballin like a splading, i'll be flossin like my glossy got me tossin all thes boss hoes hoggin up the road plus my top gone. Im tryna be up in a hummer for the summer gone. Rockin shows, flockin pros, all them act like ima pole, quikly got me risin steppin outside lets talk and take a strole down the block baby, thats where i placed my home, and im gone get that brown mercedes and get some glazed and placed on chrome, these them thangs that a nigga be on, and please dont hate cuz i used to be homeless, now ima ring-tone, hydro got me ching-chongin, im clean and im gone witit, fuckin with this track Legit made happen in my zone bitch. Right up and down my alley, Milwaukee, chicago, Cally, bout to be fuckin wit Pat and Nem cause im the best like Dj Khaled. All you fags tryna swag out ist bout to lose ya balance, from Medina thru to Dallas, Pittsburg from here to Raliegh, check yo lady fa callin me Daddy, yea.


Another Day, Sun Of Mankind, Bizniss Lady, Fantasy Girl, Words Of the Wise = singles Be on the look out for the LP; In the Lime Light. after 6/16/2010

Set List

4 minute songs and my show can last for hours if needed. Typically I'm prepared to do a show that may be an hour.