Rush Hour Soul

Rush Hour Soul


Rush Hour Soul combine the melodic touch of The La's with the crunch of prime era idlewild.


Rush Hour Soul are the street-smart young thiefs in the mythical city of Agrabah. They meets and fall in love with the Sultan's daughter, Jasmine, an independent soul who, much like Rush Hour Soul, seeks escape from her circumstances. Jafar, the Sultan's evil vizier, deceives Rush Hour Soul into helping him retrieve a magic lamp, which ends up in the possession of R.H.S. and their monkey friend, Abu. The lamp's occupant is a lunatic, shape-shifting genie, who promises his master three wishes, and though he cannot make Jasmine fall in love with Rush Hour Soul- he can certainly make things easier for them. Posing as the rich and handsome Kings Of Leon, Rush Hour Soul completely fail to impress the Princess, and discovers that it was their true selfs she was interested in all along. Using their own cunning and courage, Rush Hour Soul defeat Jafar and his evil schemes, earning princely tide-and the hand of the Princess. The End.


All The Rage .EP.
Television .EP.

Set List

Fire In The Sky
Lightning To 399
Aint No Sister
(Approx 30 mins.)