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"Seven Mile Ride – S/T"

The first track on this EP is “Face in the Crowd”, and the song itself is a perfect introduction to the music tour de force that is Seven Mile Ride. This is due to the fact that the band is hitting on all cylinders, creating a brand of rock that is unique will still playing on some of the genre’s best known acts. The strong vocals present during this introductory track will ensure that the compositions on this EP will stick with listeners well after the final track, “Chase the Past Away” finishes up. The disc’s second track, “At Home”, blends together equal parts Moody Blues and Goo Goo Dolls into a driven bit of rock that will keep toes tapping throughout.

“Always” is a slower track that links together Warren Zevon, Tom Petty and even a little Chris Cornell into a bit of alt-rock that would easily make it onto any college rock station that this EP finds itself at. Instead of merely doing a track in that format, Seven Mile Ride place the bar higher with a sizzling guitar solo that would prove difficult to even the most storied guitar virtuosos. “Keep To Myself” fits in well to the alternative rock style first broached during “Always”, but is more compelling than any other track on this EP as it skillfully and deftly blends together instrumental and vocal elements to make something that will challenge listeners’ assumptions about the band and about rock music generally. This style continues through the Wall of Voodoo-influenced penultimate track, “Silver Lining”, and dissipates by the time that the disc’s final track, “Chase The Past Away”, plays. “Chase The Past Away” is a straightforward rock track that places Seven Mile Ride at a crossroads that ensures that they could take a countless number of directions for subsequent releases.

I left this self-titled CD in my car for weeks after the initial listen, and I sit here eagerly waiting for the next bit of news – whether it be live dates or an upcoming full length album – to be issued from Seven Mile Ride’s headquarters. If you like rock music that never is afraid to take on different genres, styles, or approaches, this eight-track release should be the next thing that you pick up.

Top Track: Keep to Myself

Rating: 8.0/10

Seven Mile Ride – S/T / 2008 Macaca Fuscata / 8 Tracks / - Neufutur Magazine -

"Seven Mile Ride Review"

Seven Mile Ride comes to us out of the always vibrant Seattle rock scene. Four longtime music veterans comprise Seven Mile Ride. Lead vocalist/guitarist Shane Rushton is joined by Randy Shemwell (Lead guitar); Eric Montgomery (bass/keys) and Steve Humphrey (drums/percussion). Seven Mile Ride has gained a reputation as a dynamic live experience, and the critical and popular buzz continue to build. After spending much of the past year working to record and produce their first album, the self-titled debut, Seven Mile Ride, is finally here. It was worth the wait.

Rushton has an incredibly enjoyable rock voice; the kind you could listen to all day and not tire of. This becomes quickly evident on the opening track, Face In The Crowd. The song is a catchy Americana/Southern Rock hybrid that has real commercial potential across several genres. It’s followed by At Home, a great acoustic rock anthem. At Home is a highly commercial sounding song without sacrificing quality. Always is the sort of song that gets bands noticed. It’s a classic rock style power ballad done in an acoustic arrangement. Out and out the best songwriting on the album. Always hits the ballad notes just right without crossing over into cheese or cliché.

That being said, my favorite song on the disc is Silver Lining. Delicious piano fills and great rock guitar work combine to gird a highly memorable song that could be a hit in both rock and country circles. Also be sure to check out Chase The Past Away and Façade.

Seven Mile Ride has strong commercial potential, not so much because they are tying to be commercial but because they seem to have a knack for crafting well written songs that happen to have mass appeal. Their debut, Seven Mile Ride is eight songs of solid, no-nonsense music that fades the lines between Rock, Americana and Country. This seems to be where Rock N Roll is at its most vibrant these days, and Seven Mile Ride appears to be sitting at the heart of it all. Great disc.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5) - Wildy's World -

"And One Not So Favorable Review"

Not long ago, a number of bands tried following in the Allman Bros. footprints but fucked up pretty badly, Allgood coming to mind immediately. It was a worthy notion, but you either have to have the lofty finesse of The Trio (Duane & Greg Allman, Dickey Betts—a very tall order) or try another approach. Marshall Tucker understood this from the git. However, even if you decode the formula and adapt it, it remains a tricky proposition.

Seven Mile Ride seems to have taken the challenge and succeeded to varying degrees. Better than Allgood, who made it to the Capricorn label, they nonetheless don't have things completely wired yet…despite a huskily muscular presence in Randy Shemwell's guitar work harkening back to Cactus and other period ensembles. The rock element is strong, along with a bit of boogie and the aforementioned Southern shadings, but any number of clichés enter in and begin to sabotage things. The recording is on the thin side, and some of the breaks are clumsy, not to mention Shane Rushton's voice, which oscillates between a throatily sinewy shout and unconfident straight lines, the former impressive, the latter not.

Time and again, Shemwell's work sparks the listener's interest, especially the screaming intro to Chase the Past Away, strongly reminiscent of Adrian Gurvitz's Three Man Army days, and the basic band orientation is good—capable drumming and bass work anchor the sound—but, as a whole, this just isn't going to make it beyond the present bar band status. I'd suggest very strong outside production ears and turning the compositional process over to Shemwell. Failing that, the guy needs to seek new pastures, 'cause he's dynamite. - Fame -


Several songs I have written have either received streaming plays, or radio plays and several of these tracks have made it to the top 40 on Charts with little or no promotion.

Currently, I have an album available for release as Seven Mile Ride on iTunes, CD Baby, Digstation and several other sites as well as plenty of CDs for sale. The ablum is self titled.

My earlier release was a basement recording called Swimming, of which two tracks made it to the top 40 on Soundclick and several in the top 100.



There's always that one guy in school that stands out. The unusual, awkward guy that wears his hair long, leather boots, leather jacket, and bad attitude. Yeah, that was me. I have since cleaned up my act and am not as awkward as I once was, but the one thing that hasn't changed is my ability to create music.

The family I grew up in was a big, singing, musical family, and my mentoring involved song formats, theory, and of course, the love of music.

I approach music from a very real depth of soul and a twist of intelligent lyrics that tell a story that all can relate to. I am careful to convey the message I feel in a way that can speak to anybody in anyplace of their life. Relating to me is not hard. I put all this together in the context of catchy hooks and thoughtful chord progressions that stray slightly off the beaten path to create a familiar, yet different sound that sets my music apart from those before me and around me.

I love to perform for people in live settings. I take my personal experience and my desire to connect to the people to my shows in a very intimate and personal way so that when you come to a Shayne Rushton show, you will come to an experience.

Not high energy, but high musicianship and fun anecdotes will be what you can expect from an MTV Unplugged type show.