Rus Nerwich - Beyond the Walls

Rus Nerwich - Beyond the Walls


Regarded as one of the most talented and inimitable Saxophonists in the country. Nerwich has the exceptional ability to express monumental emotion in notes of poetic delicacy, flurries of passion and haunting elegance. Review - Spier Arts Festival 2006


In 1995 Rus Nerwich, with no musical knowledge or training, literally begged his way into University to study music. Nerwich had watched a Joshua Redman concert in Istanbul and was so inspired, he decided in a moment that his hearts desire was to become a proffessional musician/saxophonist.

So under the guidance and mentor of Rene Mc Lean, son of legendary Saxophonist Jackie Mclean and with an unstopable commitment to learning the improvisors art, Nerwich spent the next 3 years practicing eight hours a day. Nerwich then left University and took his horn with him to London where he would sit in with any musicians he could find. He performed with house Djs at legnedary club Brown and The Emporium and began to develop his personal sound and musical identity. Nerwich then returned home to record his first album titled " As Above So Below". An album of original compostitions it highlighted Nerwich as a young man with a long successful and interesting musical road ahead of him. A higly driven and eccentric personality, Nerwich reflects the compositional influences of Wayne Shorter and all the traditioins great composers. From the beautiful "yesterdays Tears" to the Grooving and energetic "Knowers Ark" Nerwich bears his soul, one note at a time.

Nerwich then followed up with his second album "Beyond the Walls". This profound and monumental project is a jazz interpretation of music composed and written in the Ghettos and Camps of Nazi Germany. The music trancends any projection you might have about it, it inspires, grooves, and touches the emotions in a way that goes straight to the soul. Nerwich continued evolving this project and performed at all of the biggest music and Jazz Festivals in South Africa, as well as at all of the most established music vnues and Jazz Clubs. Then in 2005, Nerwich with his unquenchable appetite for change and adventure went to Argentina in search of a band and some new inspiration and energy. It was not long until he connected with the trio that he would perform with for the next 4 months, during which he recorded a Live album at the amazing "Todo Mundo" music club in Buenos Aires. Nerwich then returned to South Africa with the Trio and they spent the next 6 months playing prolifically in Cape town.

Since then Nerwich has returned to Argentina and Performed in Buenos Aires and Mendoza as well as maintaining a busy gigging schedule in his home town of Cape Town.

With his passionate approach and big heart, it is no suprise Nerwich is reciecved with open arms wherever he goes. Performing with the best jazz talent in South Africa, Nerwich heads up a truely unique Jazz performance.

Beyond the Walls is a unique and inspirational musical project, It crosses cultural boundries, educating and touching the spirits of those that listen, it continues to be one of the most adventurous projects to have come out of South Africa.

Yaron Goldsmith - The Independant


As Above So Below - 2003

RusNerwich - Saxophones
Andre Petersen - Piano
Dom Peters - Double Bass
Kevin Gibson - Drums

Beyond the Walls - 2004

Line up as above plus Guests

The Buenos Aires Sessions - 2005

Rus Nerwich - Saxophones
Augusto Arganaraz - Drums
Sabino Paz - Double Bass

Set List

Ziamele, Tell me moon, Treblinka, Yiddish Tango. These are some examples of compostions we play, however the set changes depending on the kind of performance. However all material comes from compostions written, sung and or played in the ghettos.