Russ Barrnett

Russ Barrnett


"A mix of Folk, Rock and old Country, great feel, impressive lyrics, real songs"


The music of Russ Barrnett is heavily influenced by the root forms of folk, rock and country. He was a self taught musician from the age of five until he started private voice, and guitar lessons in middle school, as well as drum lessons later in high school. His songs are built with great structure; infectious melodies, and are especially known for unforgettable lyrical content. Today he is mainly influenced by other folk/rock writers , a category which includes anyone from Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, or Elliott Smith, to The Shins, and Death Cab for Cutie.


"You Don't Have to be Scared" EP currenty out with tracks streaming from the following websites

Set List

Set lists range anywere from a few songs to full two hour sets. It really depends on the bill/venue
covers include modern folk songs from bands like Bright Eyes Sufjan Stevens and Ray Lamontagne. As well as some throwbacks from Bob Dylan, Steve Earl, and The Rolling Stones.