Russell Thomas

Russell Thomas

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Russell’s live performances, either with TRTA or as a solo performer, are not to be missed. His extensive catalog of more than 200 original songs (as well as a few carefully selected cover tunes) reveals a wide range of emotions and ideas and reflects his diverse background. It allows him to tailor his show to the audience and to the venue; you’ll never see the same show twice. His strong vocals captivate, soothe and excite and his unique style on guitar make him a special presence on any stage.

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One Love Train

Written By: Russell Thomas

One Love Train By Russell H. Thomas

I said one train with a one way ticket so just you go and board you must surely take it
It’s the one love train,

I see one track sharing love and compassion never out of fashion guaranteed satisfaction
On the one love train, On the one love train

I see one child with an arm extended holding out a hand looking for a new beginning
Oh the one love train, one love train

One love train rolling into town, One love train bring love back around
On the one love train, On the one love train

I see one sky and the sky’s the limit so don’t you go and blow it you must surely know we need it for the one love train

I see one stream where the water flows through it so don’t you go and trash that are children need to have it for their one love train - for their one love train

I see one planet looking sad and depleted, The people and the creatures the beauty of life’s feature’s needing a one love train, needing a one love train


I see one town and the people growing with it, I hope they get the ticket so we all can live
with it, living on a one love train - one love train

I see one tree where there used to be a million why’d you have to do it, why did have to take it off the one love train - one love train

I see one race of the human people always in a hurry bringing on pain & worry
Get on the one love train
It’s the one love train