Russett Burbank

Russett Burbank


In a world of carbon copy metal and hard rock, Russett Burbank has the ball to make a stand and do something different, And Unlike the other bands that will say this, we can prove it. Mixing an everchanging mix of sounds, and musicial elements we've made a sound we can call our own


Russett Burbank
5606 Columbus Ave.
Sandusky OH 44870
(419)621-5744 (Brian)
(419)684-5421 (Jassen)

Russett Burbank was formed in the Summer of 2001, with founding members Nick Woodruff (Vocals), Brian Ritchie (Guitar #1), James Borsick (Guitar #2, Keyboards), Jassen Rentz (Bass), and Bob Culver (Drums). It was this line up that started the band on its journey, and set the scene for its unique style of music. Mixing genres like Heavy Metal with Reggae, Punk rock with Polka, and everything in-between, the band quickly build a small but loyal fan base. It was also in this format that the band’s first CD was record, titled: “Put Some Stank On it!” The Band Played in this format for approx. one year, before it was decided that Bob was holding the band back with his personal habits, and lack of dedication to his music. Bob was Replaced by Karl Paulsen in the early fall of 2002.

In this new format, Russett Burbank went from being a one show every six months band, to a six shows every month group. During this time the band played with many notable national acts, including:
Soulfly, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Slaves on Dope, Adema, Powerman 5000, Spineshank, Dope, Mindless Self Indulgence, Mushroomhead, The Genitortures, Joey Belladonna (formerly of Anthrax), Wolfpac (featuring members of the Bloodhound Gang), Lazy American Workers, GWAR, Vanilla Ice, the Insane Clown Posse, Tech N9Ne, Zug Izland, Erase the Grey, Dog Fashion Disco, and many more.
Russett Burbank also recorded its second album, titled: 40,000,000 deutschmarks, and began work on its 3rd album, currently titled: “Stranger Things”
Russett Burbank also performed at many festivals and benefits during this time, Including:

The Cleveland Music Festival 2002 and 2003, The World Series of Metal, The Cleveland Metal Festival, The Sandusky Skate Park fund raiser, and most notably, The Gathering of the Juggalos 2004, where the band played in front of over 8000 people.

During this time, The band also received corporate sponsorship, becoming a Jagermeister Band, early in 2004.
On August 21st, 2004, after driving home from work, Karl Paulsen was killed in a head on collision. The band reverted to the roots for a moment, Going to a 4 piece acoustic band, and playing out the rest of their contracted shows, and 3 tribute shows for Karl. A little less than one month later, Steve Schiefley was confirmed As Russett Burbank’s new drummer.

Steve Has adjusted to our heavy playing schedule and has brought a new array of styles to the table, He’s also been in the studio with us finishing up “Stranger Things”. Russett Burbank is Scheduled to play the Emergenza Festival, and has sent its information to the CMJ for consideration to play in the 2005 festival.
Russett Burbank has proven itself to be a hard working, never say die band, and we seek only to make ourselves better. We hope that you will take the time to listen to our product, and hope to work with you in the near future.



Written By: Nick Woodruff

Your Chubby, husky children, are no cause for concern
Or at least, not a worthy cause.
They've got problems, in places that you might never see.
And they're far more traumatic than yours.

People fighting for relgion
over whos wrong or right
i say the only right religions inside!
and when i'm gone, someone play my song, and bring me back to life.

I'll never understand the maddness.
All I ever see is Blackness.
And this new unpainted canvas.
Doesn't seem to matter.

Fully Developed

Written By: Nick Woodruff

have you noticed how often you rarely make sense as the lies loosely fall from your lips, you're too busy being mistreated and feeling so empty to realize you're just full of shit and noone believes a word you say you've proven you can't be trusted you talk a good game but we came to play it's not my fault you never adjusted. but i did. all of a sudden i feel less like dancing and i cant explain what it means and i get so low and i go so crazy i kick my own ass for release and i can see the floor advancing ever closer and it knows that i'm not afraid and when i turned my back the chair tried escaping, furniture's so clever that way. have you ever driven through an endless stench and you couldn't stop laughing to breathe- maybe it was just the sulfer plant or possibly the lsd, then i guess you have no way of understanding the tradgedy of it all, you're an emotionless passionless humorless pacifist and you can suck my balls and like it.


Written By: Nick Woodruff

it recently occurred to me i haven't heard you scream yet, i miss karl too misery take all the attention you can get, you poor mistreated little thing you've been so abused- and when you're finished suffering then what will you do? then what will you do for attention, don't blame me for your decisions, you can't stop another man's ambition, that's why he's not here and we're still living. so quit milking this tragedy misery, where's your fucking dignity you pity queen, 2 month fling, that's the way he lived his life, hit his pipe, did a line, banged the drums a couple times, then he fucking died. and some people might say he learned his lesson he told me in a dream there's no heaven, maybe my dead friend was only guessing, if i were you i'd pray and count my blessings i've got murder on my mind, i've got anger in my hands- i can taste your blood right now the time has come you'll be undone. none of you are my family you all turned your backs on me i can't wait to see you bleeding. i'd wrap my hands around your throat, squeeze untill your airways close, smiling as i watch you choke and just before your eyes explode. I let go.


Put Some Stank On -- Full Length Album
40,000,000 deutschmarks -- EP
Pass the Hatchet -- Promotional 7 song Sampler
Promo 2004 -- Full Length Limited Demo
Stranger Things 2005

Set List

we can play sets up to two hours long, having over 30 songs, we do mostly originals, but our covers have our own unique twist and flare to each and everyone