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Dallas, Texas, United States

Dallas, Texas, United States
Band Latin World


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"quotes from articles"

"Russ Hewitt is a true virtuoso - his instrument conveys the widest palette of emotions." Radiomagico , 10-27-09

"...Hewitt looks to be on his way to becoming the King of Nuevo Flamenco." Emily Martin, Black White Read ( Lakewood editon ) 9-14-09

"Russ Hewitt’s solo debut is so impressive that he is capable of putting Texas on the Nuevo Flamenco guitar map with his distinctive fusion of Latin and jazz themes stirred with a little underlying rock and roll attitude." Michael Debbage, Mainly Piano 9-8-09

"Russ Hewitt has delivered a stellar performance from heart-felt ballads to foot-stomping masterpieces to our international audiences, pleasing Latino families as well as Africans and other fans of global and fusion music." Anne Marie Weiss-Armush, President / DFW International Community 9-3-09

"Exceptional guitarist, Russ Hewitt’s new release Bajo el Sol is a mix of colorful, vibrant and exotic Latin/flamenco-style smooth jazz." Paul Martinez, Bull Fighters Cafe 7-24-09

"The sound of Russ Hewitt's musical brilliance made way for a beautiful evening that supported Promise of Peace . The audience was so impressed with his talent - the music crosses cultures and generations! It seems to transform your spirit." Elizabeth Dry, Executive Director - Promise of Peace 9-21-09

"As soon as you start listening to Bajo El Sol you know that even if you can not dance you are going to want to try! The music on this CD is erotic, sensual, sexy and sometimes haunting." Leigh Hurst, west coast rockers 7-17-09

"Russ Hewitt's music fuses the exotic flavours of the Middle East with an exuberance that only seems to live within the best gipsy music. It's technically astounding but most of all you'll just want to dance..." Chris Mann, 7-15-09

"... this will remain in my personal CD collection." Mike Cavanaugh, All Access Magazine 3-2-09

"Hewitt displays technique and talent to spare as he adroitly lets passion and power fly up and down the fretboard and across the strings." Bill Binkelman, New Age Retailer 6-18-09

"Bajo El Sol is a grand album, full of mellifluous and sinuous tunes...trying to select a few tracks above the rest is impossible." John M Peters, The Borderland ( United Kingdom ) 6-7-09

"Get used to hearing and saying the name because this guitar virtuoso is a star in the making." Beth Lewis, listening loft - 5-1-09

"...listeners will be blown away by the tapestry of sound Hewitt weaves." Wildy Haskell, WildysWorld.blogspot 6-5-09

"...Russ has been referred to as a “guitar god,” and with good reason! The man can play!!!" interview from Kathy Parsons, Mainly piano 5-26-09

"Brilliant fuse of flamenco and smooth contemporary jazz...amazing precise fretwork..." Randy K , Jazzuality ( Indonesia ) 2-5-09

"'ll dig instantly the infectious tunes..." Jonathan Widran, Jazz Monthly 3-1-09

"Such a beautiful,emotional and sometimes haunting serving of nuevo flamenco..." Christie Banks, Palm Living Magazines 2-10-09

"...showcases to perfection his burgeoning ability as a songwriter." Denis Poole, Smooth Jazz Therapy ( United Kingdom ) 3-15-09

"In 20+ years in the Dallas music scene, i have never encountered this level of talent." Mark Beneventi, Lit Monthly 4-1-09

"...completely envelop listeners throughout..." Dan Kaplin, The Celebrity Cafe 2-22-09

" He is the embodiment of his craft...." Kevin White, Harder Beat Dec/Jan issue

"Impeccably recorded...Hewitt is nothing less than a guitar virtuoso..." Kathy Parsons, Mainly piano 1-28-09

" Simply a wonderful outing..." Chris Spector, Midwest Record 1-26-09

"...contains some of the most colorful,vibrant and exotic Latin/flamenco-style smooth jazz found on any shore." Ronald Jackson, Smooth Jazz Vibes ( Switzerland ) 1-4-09

" I love the way Russ uses his fluid fingering skills..." Rich Soos, Eartaste 1-4-09

"...uncanny ability to write melodies that speak to the soul...." Scott, Dr.Music 3-25-09

"Exhibits strength in its spiritedness and zest..." Micheal Haley, indie-music 3-7-09

"...aims to redefine ' nuevo flamenco'..." La Factoria Del Ritmo ( Mexico ) 4-1-09

"It is always an exciting moment for any reviewer to see a birth of a new star." Serge ( Belarus ) 4-7-09

"... he infuses each tune with his own unique character, the way (all) music was meant to be played." Rotcod Zzaj, improvijazzation nation 4-23-09

"...really rather beautiful and just the soundtrack album for a warm summers evening." Paul Riley, Total Music Magazine ( UK ) 4-17-09

"Simply put, Russ Hewitt is one amazing talent to look for in the future." Randy K , Jazzuality Interview ( Indonesia ) 3-30-09
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"quotes from radio stations"

"Russ Hewitts latest CD is ” bajo el sol” and it’s latin flavor is very romantic, perfect for your valentine, his sensual classical spanish guitar is light, romantic at times and is well produced."
Smoothjazz Saturday Nights with Taylor Scott, 98.1 KUDL

"I really appreciate YOU for allowing me the honor of featuring your brilliant music on my station and to my listeners."
Mike Fernandez- Owner/Program Director Rhythm & Jazz Radio

"Russ Hewitt stirs listeners musically with his strong Latin and jazz sensibilities with every track from Bajo el Sol. He’s got some serious hooks. Wow! Russ Hewitt’s is a wonderful entry where he brings the world’s music together. Muchimos Gracias!"
Dionne Maldonado, the Jazz Lady WFSS, 91.9FM NPR News & Jazz

"Russ Hewitts blend of Nuevo Flamenco and funky Latin beats is enough to make even the most conservative of people 'run' to the dance floor, yet at the same time perfect for smooth, easy listening. It's the best of both worlds, and I am waiting impatiently for the next offering from Russ Hewitt."
Tyler Romero, Music Director KYTE-FM

"It has been an honor to bring your music to our listeners around the planet. “BaJo el Sol” is a great release for you and I enjoy these tracks myself."
Drmike- Michael Matheny, RadioIO Suite of JAZZ

"One word comes to mind when you listen to this CD - S-W-E-E-T! I really enjoyed it. Check it out."
Jackie Anderson Host - Midday Jazz WJAB 90.9 FM

"Russ Hewitt's CD 'Bajo El Sol' is thoughtful and provoking. Hewitt adds a softer touch to the tracks that will charm Latin Jazz devotees and yet makes the tracks accessible to a wider audience without surrendering to commercial pressures. We can't wait to hear more!"
Ed Tankus President & General Manager Blue Plate Radio, LLC

"Russ Hewitt's debut CD "Bajo el Sol" adds a festive flavor to the Smooth Jazz genre."
- DJ Walker,

"The Russ Hewitt CD 'Bajo el Sol' is a classic! it gets airplay for various shows on WTCC from latin ,smooth jazz and even our urban shows,with each play ,its shows it has legs to stand on for a while on the station."
James Lewis, WTCC/Springfield, MA

"Russ Hewitt mixes it up with a unique blend of neuvo flamenco, Latin and jazz styles that is flowing with passion and grace. The result is fresh, fluid, and captivating. Truly a master of the guitar, Russ Hewitt's music is not to be missed."
Gerry Regensburg, radio

"Great music. Keep up the good work."
David Muñoz,KQXT/Q1019 Jazz Show Host, Clear Channel

"From the very first note to the very last, Russ captivates you and all of your senses in an unforgettable fashion leaving you craving more."
Christie Banks - On Air Personality WEAT / Sunny 104.3

"Great playing but even more obvious are the hooks and songs. Russ Hewitt is hot. Enjoy." Cliff Gorov, President, All That Jazz, Inc.

"Russ Hewitt is one of the finest young guitarists I have encountered in the past 10 years of working in the music industry. His finesse, ability and sense of melody are incredible. I can’t say enough about the bright future that is waiting for this fantastic artist!"
Claire Parr, President, The Navigator Company -National Radio Promotion
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Russ Hewitt - ' Bajo el Sol ' street date: Nov. 1, 08



At last there is something new under the sun. Blending Latin, jazz, and flamenco styles, guitarist Russ Hewitt has conjured an oasis of hypnotic sound on Bajo el Sol, his long-awaited, ten-song debut solo album. Hewitt’s lightning runs on guitar and strong "rumba flamenco" rhythms are fused with Arabic and Indian textures. Combined with an extensive use of exotic scales and a keen sense for composition, the Baja el Sol sound is mesmerizing.
Hewitt’s evocative instrumental music speaks volumes. The debut CD also features world-renowned players Walfredo Reyes, Jr. (Santana, Strunz and Farah, Ricky Martin) on drums; Rafael Padilla (Miami Sound Machine, Shakira) on percussion; and Bob Parr (Cher, Brian Setzer Orchestra) on bass.
The first single, “Bajo el Sol,” reached the top 20; the second single, “Lydia,” reached the top 15 twice on Smooth Jazz indie charts; and the third single, “El Beso,” was on the Billboard Indicator chart: # 1 Most Added as well as the chart: Most Added list. Russ Hewitt has been the # 1 Smooth Jazz Artist played on Music Choice satellite/cable TV for more than 23 weeks. He has also been a constant presence on the indie charts for over 44 weeks—and counting.
The critics agree: Bajo el Sol made the first cut for the 52nd Grammy Awards in five categories: Best Pop Instrumental Performance, Best Pop Instrumental Album, Best Instrumental Composition, Best Instrumental Arrangement, and Best-Engineered Album/Non-Classical. With over 220 shows and festivals this calendar year, Russ Hewitt is ready to step into the spotlight.