Inglewood, California, USA
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Substance/None stop energy/ the real defintion of a Mc being a master of ceremony/touching people with words and still being able to battle so mastering both sides of hip hop/true song writers,brain stormers


Substance , music with a meaning, a story Underneath Tha Bullets,Hands Clean & wish you were here speaks for it self. Many artist now days are caught in a idenity crisis and scared to be different so they copy.

My Influences in my single parent mother,God, My surroundings but life in general as a young black man growen up in inglewood california.started writing in 1994 in junior high school polished my skills,linked up with the legendary spinderella of salt n pepper whos like my aunt now by one day taping a demo tape to the window of her navigator and i recieved a call back that same night. she gave me tons of guidance as well gave me a eastcoast state of mind but on the westcoast her being from brooklyn.

And from there i have been on fire doing colabs with R&b artist Rome (everytime i see your face), singer,song writer Novel, Damani & more and in 2008 had my very first mtv2 interview which can be seen on my myspace or youtube. So there you have and its time to introduce the world to Russian Rullet


Tha Heist Vol.1 avalible free download on

16 songs featuring the street singles My chucks Ft. Young Cochran/Underneath Tha Bullets /Everythang Stop & Hands Clean

Set List

15-20 min sets (Im Comen/My Chucks/Got That/Underneath Tha Bullets/Never let you go/Everthang Stop)