Russian Spy Camera

Russian Spy Camera


Russian Spy Camera is a three-dimensional art pop band that will catch you off guard with every smart, captivatingly unique, well composed song in their eclectic catalogue.


Russian Spy Camera, a three-piece indie rock band from Athens, Georgia, play unique three-dimensional pop songs with dance beats and high energy. Known for being widely eclectic in genre and seriously prolific, Russian Spy Camera released their debut full-length album, You Are A Vulture, on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records in 2006 and are about to release their follow up, Mutiny In The Kitchen With Knives, in early 2007.

They have played festivals such as CMJ in New York City, Athfest, and Popfest in both Athens and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, as well as shared bills with other popular acts as How I Became The Bomb, Venice Is Sinking, Snowden, and Gringo Star in numerous venues throughout the southeast.

Seeing Russian Spy Camera live is a high-energy rush littered with thunderous stylized beats from Andy Turner (drums), multi-instrument swapping from McGregor Button (piano, bass, guitar), and unpredictable unique dancing from Ryan White (guitarist/singer). They are known at times to have non-band members wandering around on stage in costumes and masks throughout the show, which, when added to their commanding performance, results in an exceptionally fun experience while not losing artistic merit.



Written By: Ryan White


I’ve got these feelings but there’s no more to say,
And anyway, I caught my tongue in a trap.
I’ve devised a plan that can swindle twenty men to make you mine, make you mine, make you mine, mine all mine.

I’ve got these feelings but I can’t feel a thing,
And anyway, I caught my tongue in a trap.
I keep a government locked in the back, so take a step back, step back…I am a heart attack.

I have found a reason for this catastrophe.
I have found a reason.

I’ve got a message that is written in code
But often all my words are jumbled and trapped.
I tied a piano to a pulley above, the telly’s calling all cars calling all cars calling all…ha.

No no, do not abort. This is a blueprint for dismantling me.


Written By: Ryan White

Illness isn’t magic unless the magic’s black.
It’s like stealing all the devil’s apples and now he wants them back.
Read the sign! Didn’t you read the sign?!
“There’ll be no stealing from my apple trees.”

Cut the garlic, light a candle, pray seven times, and now we’re back where we began.

“What a horrible night to have a curse,” he laughs.
My luck fails as yours comes through, so what’s your excuse for that?
Evil Eye! He’s a witch in disguise!
Someone help get this curse off of me!

Cut the garlic, light a candle, pray seven times, and now we’re back where we began.

The first time is superstition. The second incident feels real.
The third time is religion, and religion is how we heal.
Curandero! Curandera!
Make me medicine to heal my son!”

Get the garlic, light a candle, pray seven times, and now we’re back where we began.


Written By: Ryan White

We check in.
You tied the knot now you're tied to the bed. In the glow, your eyes are static to a TV set. You get off on the thirteenth floor you're lost in a dream. In my hotels my paintings watch you when you are asleep.

In hotels we will meet by the elevator.
In hotels you are a tired business man in a tie.
In hotels I am a stewardess alone and away.
In hotels you stand composed but your thoughts can't behave.
You watch me leave.

Tonight your heart's spread open like a new set of sheets.

In hotels you get the feeling that you've been here before.

Bring Down The Mannequins

Written By: Ryan White

Bring Down The Mannequins

At night I move with mannequins in perfect gentle ease.
Statues mistaken us for mobile deities.
People wish they wore the hips frozen in a sway
Leaning on the empty heels of a hope they saw in a window display.

Flip back Jack this here’s a surprise attack: what’s yours will be mine.
You cause black banshee wailings to play checkers in my spine.
This one wants to be adored and this one wants some praise.
This one just wants survival from the birds that are circling above their prey.

I hid your gun under your pillow just in case you go off before I do.

Meanwhile, back at home, there’s a warm fire waiting for you
On angry torches outside a bomb shelter made for two.
My skin bleeds replica in fancy fashion lines.
You’ll find your mannequins on the magazines in a grocery store check-out line.

I hid your gun under your pillow. These graves are bows set in your hair.
Like ants in the TV static, like bats rattling around in the attic,
You can’t predict our foolish nature to i-m-i-t-a-t-e.

I know these words I speak don’t mean anything to you.
My tongue speaks bullets but your ears are bulletproof.
You inject makeup in your heart and you put plastic in your head.
Why keep your insipid form when there’s a really pretty face waiting here for you instead?


You Are A Vulture is the name of Russian Spy Camera's critically acclaimed debut. It has not gained a single negative review to date! There are 12 catchy, creative tracks waiting to entice your ears.

Their follow up, Mutiny In The Kitchen With Knives, will be released in February 2008.

Set List

We play roughly ten-song-sets in about 30 to 45 minutes. They are all original and will cause the crowd to dance and procreate.