Russick Smith

Russick Smith


From the top of a ships’ mast working as a sailor to the precipitous crags of the Rocky Mountains droning with the static of lightening to darkly lit underground Japanese bars
the gathered adventures of Russick Smith are as intriguing as they are varied. It is from this wealth of experiences which his tone of authenticity has been derived. Together, coupled with his classical education in music and technical facility in audio engineering, he threads his distinctive harmonic intuition through ev


Once there was a huge mountain in space. Scientists called this mountain “Mount Champion” and it was the tallest mountain in its particular galaxy, plus the next three neighboring galaxies. The mountain next to it was a smaller mountain, known as a smountain.

The smountain was filled with molten gold, gold-magma combination, except for one cavern. This cavern was inhabited by a computer, henceforth known as Restorford, which wrote in short, uncomplex sentences and was self-aware. It also had a penchant for traditionally rigged sailing vessels, since it had been transported to the smountain by a tall ship in the year 1814.

It was in this year that the dashing-yet-hard-driving overlord Russick Smith brought Restorford to the smountain and commanded it to do his bidding: “Harness the energy of the gold and combine it with your self-aware emotions to create the greatest music ever heard by humans. Also, bake some delicious cookies.”

Loyal to Russick, Restorford completed these tasks. The cookies were delicious; they were called Ranger Cookies. And music of the highest caliber
was composed in all genres.

Upon returning to the smountain nearly 200 years later, Russick was greatly pleased to find the tasks completed.

“I am greatly pleased to find the tasks completed,” said Russick. “These cookies are delicious.” He then viewed the scores which Restorford had produced in all styles and genres and was similarly pleased. “I am similarly pleased with this music,” said Russick. “We shall return to Earth to triumphantly distribute cookies and music to all.”

However, the smountain had learned self-awareness by observing Restorford over the 200 years he had spent in the cavern, which is not long in geologic time, but the smountain was quite bright for a mountain.

This awareness had produced feelings of jealousy for Mount Champion’s height and, with Russick’s tall ship moored to its summit, the smountain saw an opportunity. Erupting molten gold, the smountain soon encased the ship in gold, which quickly solidified in the sub-arctic winds that exist at that elevation. With the ship as the golden crown of the smountain, it’s height now exceeded that of Mount Champion.

However, Restorford and the magnificent scores were destroyed. But the good-looking and resourceful Russick was able to construct a space chariot from Restorford’s remaining components and return, ruggedly heavyhearted, to Earth.

Russick Smith continues his efforts to rebuild Restorford to this day; these are the construction sounds from that ongoing process.

And the primary component of his diet is cookies.