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"Tanz den Kasatchok"

Putin mag sich über unsere Kosovo-Anerkennung ärgern, doch was die
Musik angeht, ist die österreichisch-russische Freundschaft ungetrübt.
Das beweist die feurige Band Russkaja. Live haben sie bereits
Kultcharakter, jetzt gibt's die erste CD.
Bei Russkaja ist der Name Programm: "Russ" steht für die
russische Seele, "Ska" für den Rhythmus und "ja" ist eben
besser als nein. Dazu singt Frontmann Georgij deutsche
Texte. "Ich komme aus Moskau, lebe aber seit 18 Jahren in
Er hat die ungewöhnliche Russian-Balkan-Ska-Formation zusammengetrommelt - ein
Multikulti-Mix mit russischen, ukrainischen, britischen, ungarischen und österreichischen
Nach vielen heißen Nächten, in denen sie ihr Publikum live begeisterten, gibt es jetzt ihr
Debütalbum "Kasatchok Superstar". Und das wird ordentlich präsentiert: unter anderem am
14. und 15. März im Wiener Planet Music. Infos und Hörproben gibt es auf der Website der
unterhaltsamen Kombo (siehe Infobox). - KRONE (A)


Dawai [EP-CD & 12"-Vinyl]
Release date: September 2006
Catalog number: CCR005
Available on EP-CD and 12“-VINYL

Dope Shit (MCD)
Release date: November 2007
Catalogue number CCR 011-5
Available on MCD

Kasatchok Superstar (CD)
Release date: February 2008
Catalogue number CCR 015-2
Available on CD incl. Bonus DVD



Within the past 18 months the extraordinary Russian-Balkan-Ska group Russkaja - who started out as an insiders tip in Vienna - became a virtual cross-over cult music group. Their concerts are driven by a perfectly choreographed stage show fueled by Russkajas 100% physical and musical commitment as well as by the enthusiasm of their constantly growing fan community. In Russkajas home country Austria their gigs regularly draw thousands of people to venues and clubs. Russkaja kept their fans waiting for their first studio album on purpose - for the professional musicians it is a matter of particular concern to show their audience that Russkaja do not only record high-speed dancefloor tracks but also offer more exalted listening pleasures. "Kasatchok Superstar" was released by the Viennese label chat chapeau on 25th February 2008.

Russkaja - nomen est omen: "Russ" like Russian nights, Russian Soul, Russian Vodka. "Ska" for the rhythm that forces your legs to dance Polka. And "Ja" is a sound that sets you free - for a "No" wont be accepted. At least not on the dancefloor. A refusal to move is out of the question. Whether in front of 50 curious students from provincial Eastern Germany or 30.000 enthusiastic fans at festivals at home, Russkaja always evoke the same characteristic behaviour: jumping, dancing, singing, cheers and applause, from the first song until the end.

Speaking of "home": Where exactly is that considering a band with a Russian singer, a Hungarian-British-Austrian drummer, a German violinist (with a Russian name), an Ukrainian bass player named "Miller", a trumpeter and a saxophonist that couldnt be more Austrian and a guitarist from a family of musicians so strongly associated with Vienna that they should be mentioned in tourist guides? A band that tours for 200 days a year, from Istanbul to Amsterdam. Everybody who ever experienced Russkaja live, knows that the group is at home at least in one place: on stage.
And now the album: it is named "Kasatchok Superstar" with a shot of humour. Russkaja kept their ever-growing following waiting for more than two years on purpose. A band so strong on stage needs to think twice about their studio recordings. Waiting really did pay off: Anyone throwing a party is well advised to get "Kasatchok Superstar" - the album will certainly get people moving.

But also listening to the songs on your own will pay off for sure. Take your time to discover the tricky brass arrangements or the Russian lyrics and versatile vocals by frontman Georgji Makazaria - nuances that are easily missed during a concert surrounded by a raging crowd. Russkaja playfully use stereotypes and cliches without submitting to them. They act on the same maxim on stage as they do in the studio, getting to the heart of the matter while constantly opening up ever new and surprising soundscapes.

How come, one might ask, a band that didnt exist 3 years ago is so multi-faceted, tight and up to every trick? Well, the seven musicians are pooling more than 100 years of experience - in classical music, musical, pop, rock, heavy metal. Some of them have been on stage since childhood, others tried different genres, gaining know-how and experiencing success as well as defeat until by chance they met each other at the right place at the right time.

More information about Russkaja can be found here: or!