Russ Lake

Russ Lake

 Santa Cruz, California, USA

Uh, well...we're nice and play all kinds of music: Elevator punk, Hassidic hip-hop, Heavy metal-lite, A capella instrumentals, The happy blues :) and Death-pop. All tempos: medium, slow & slower. We like playing kids parties, funerals & Lollapalooza.


I was born, I've lived and some day, God willing, I'll die.
My influences include Zorro, Donkey Hoatay, The Kingfish and Ralph Kramden.



Written By: Russ Lake

I'm a bullfrog, baby
Hop on over to my lilly pad
You know I ain't so bad
I'm a bullfrog, baby
Why don't you hop over to my pad
Ah, don't make me sad
We can play a little leap-frog
And hang out in an old hollow log
Cause I'm a bullfrog
Yeh I'm a bullfrog

What's your hurry my little green amphibian
I got the pad filled up with tasty snacks
They're so good
My flies are real fresh and juicy
I just caught 'em right out back
Mmm, Mmm...Tasty
We can drink something cool & slimy
And eat bugs till the break of dawn
Cause I'm a bullfrog
Yeh, I'm a bullfrog

I'm a bullfrog, baby
I wanna jump all over you
I just gotta jump when I'm with you
Yeh, I'm a bullfrog, baby
That's all I really wanna do
I'm so good when I'm with you
There's a big old moon out tonight
And we can croak to our hearts delite
Cause I'm a bullfrog, baby
Yeh, I'm a bullfrog

The Liger

Written By: Russ Lake

What are you looking at?
Ain't I an awesome sight?
You think I'm a freak of nature
Well, you got that right
I'm the Queen of beasts
Spawn of a lion and a tiger
I don't take no jive
That's the way of the liger

So if you see me coming
And you hear me roar
You'd better stand clear
When I hit the floor
I'm a big old cat
In the neighborhood
Scratch my back
And I'll treat you good

You think you're cute?
Think that's funny?
Mess with me and
You'll get yours, honey
Might as well just let me in
When I'm scratching at your door
Cause when I'm on the prowl
I get what I came for

You still hanging around?
Looking for more trouble?
Better watch your step
Or I'll burst your bubble
I've seen 'em come
And I've seen 'em go
One thing's for certain
That you really ought to know
Life can be a bitch
Well, so can I
If you don't like it - BRRRT!
I don't need your alibi


Written By: Russ Lake

There's a caravan of people
Moving in time
Walking with their heart in hand
Keeping their mind
Different colors and different creeds
Doing just fine
Heading for a better world
Where we all can thrive

And when you're on your own
It's not easy to make it home
There'll be another day
No reason to drift away
So if you're feeling low
You just gotta let it all go
Nowhere to run and hide
Try to find some...peace of mind

Open up your heart and let love in
You're right on track
We're here to find out who we are
There's no turning back
People are the same wherever you go
It's plain to see
Everybody needs to feed their soul
On the road to be free

Road To Know Where

Written By: Russ Lake

In a world of lies
It's hard to believe
Things just ain't always what they seem
There's never been a truth that means to bind you
In a web of black and white

I'm heading down the road
To know where we're going
Gonna take some time and be who I am
There's a spirit in the land
A hand that's showing
Wanna live my life the best I can

When it makes no sense
That's when you find out
Why some try to hide the light
With a glint in their eye they'll say that we need them
But that line you better not buy

Working Hard

Written By: Russ Lake

I'm working hard every day
Cuz I know it's coming my way
Till the day that love comes along
I'm gonna keep on singing this song

There's a place that I wanna be
A special place where we can be free
It doesn't matter where you are
You'll find it if you follow your heart

I'm working hard every day
And I know what I wanna say
Till I find out where I belong
I just gotta keep hanging on



I'm working hard every day
Now I know it's gonna be okay
When the light shines on all of us
I'll be the first to get on that bus


One Good Reason

Written By: Russ Lake

Give me one good reason
And I'll walk away
Just one good reason
For me to fade away

It'd be a lie, to tell the truth
Cause you see I'm really not immune
There'll come a day, maybe a night
When we'll need to hold each other tight
So go your way, I'll do my thing
You never know what time and tide'll bring
And if we meet, out on the street
We'll pretend not to notice our hearts skip a beat


There's a place we gotta get to
Where our love can shine on through
It ain't always what it should be
Just have a little faith, it'll set you free


Now the storm, is raging on
And it seems so long till break of dawn
The lights are low, the sky is grey
When there's really nothing left to say
You'll see my face, I'll hear your voice
That's the time for us to make our choice
Cause if we try, with just a sigh
We'll find a way to believe and keep love alive

Chorus Outro

Nothing We Can't Do

Written By: Russ Lake

Don't be petty
Don't be small
This ain't the time or place
To play those kind of games
Cause now we're backed up to the wall

We gotta really stick together
So we can carry this heavy load
Nothing in the world that we can't do
When we make your mind up to

Don't be nasty
Don't be cruel
No need to tempt your fate
When times are getting tough
And no one wants to play the fool


Don't be tricky
Don't be smart
The time for being cute
Was when you were a child
The answer's right inside your heart


Don't be sorry
Don't be sad
We've been through worse before
We'll see the light of day
And it's time for us to make a stand



Tell Me Baby

Written By: Russ Lake

Tell me Baby (3x)

I don't know if you really love me
I don't know if you really care
Are we headed down a one-way street now
Looking for a road to nowhere
This world can be cold and lonely
It'll make you feel like a fool
So if you wanna try and make it
There's no time for us to play it cool


I don't know if we're gonna make it
I don't know if we've gotta chance
Are we headed for a brighter day now
Or is this the end of our dance
True love is so hard to come by
There's no need to put on a show
No time for us to try and fake it
Come on baby and let me know



1 CD out there- "NECK STOP" under the nom de plume of "HOO WUT Y" - available at CD Baby and iTunes

Set List

Set length & breaks 1st set - :40...:20 break;
2nd set - :30...:30 break; 3rd set - :20...:40 break;
4th set - :10...:50 break; etc.