Russ Nolan

Russ Nolan


Russ delivers High-Energy Modern Jazz that satisfies both the intellect and the soul. "A dedicated and original saxophone talent whose love of the music comes through in his playing. He's well worth a listen, and one hopes he develops a deserved following."--Cadence Magazine 2005


Through the first half of his life, it was not music that was Russ Nolan’s passion, but athletics. Practicing his jump shot and fastball as much as a prodigy puts time into their musical instrument, it was his dream to play professional sports. It was only after high school that he was bitten by the proverbial ‘jazz bug’. This new ‘infection’ led him to study at the widely acclaimed music department at the University of North Texas and his big band arrangements have been performed across the United States. Russ has had personal study with David Liebman, Chris Potter, and Kenny Werner.
Since arriving in New York City in March 2002, Russ has begun to emerge as a bandleader, performing in various New York City jazz clubs and other performance venues. As a member of IAJE and a Selmer Artist and Clinician, he has started to develop a clinician schedule around the country. Russ conducted 22 educational clinics/performances in 2005. Unique to most professional musicians, Russ has also attained 11 years of professional sales experience, five of which has been in Music Marketing. He can guide students in negotiating the ever-changing music business to their advantage by learning the basics of sales and marketing and how to apply it to the industry.
His debut recording, ‘Two Colors’, has received rave reviews from Jazz Improv Magazine, All About Jazz, Cadence Magazine,, and, among others. Russ will record with the Kenny Werner trio late this year.


Current release--'Two Colors'--Rhinoceruss Music. CD received consistent airplay from over 60 stations nationwide during campaign. Russ will record with the Kenny Werner trio late this year.

Set List

2-3 Sets of 45 mins each. All original compositions and arrangements.