Russudan Mejpariani Ensemble
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Russudan Mejpariani Ensemble


Band World Classical


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Jury of Creole world music competition Südwest 2009"

The Russudan Meipariani Ensemble presents an impressive dramaturgical curve. The group brings together classical instrumentation with contemporary music and elements of East European folk music. In the highly attentive performance the musicians achieve connecting archaic singing, structures of minimal music and free improvisation. - Creole Südwest

"Kelter, Winterbach 2008"

"Where does such a continual tenderness of this " wordless" singing come from? Maybe it comes from our earliest instinctive experiences, when we could not yet understand the lullaby and the comforting words of our mother? Or is this already an adult knowledge? Bewitchingly beautiful songs are sang here, with texts we could not understand since a long time. And Russudan Meipariani is like a dreaming Fairy, the only one who could at least trace the melody." - Kelter, Winterbach 2008

"Blue rhythm 2007"

"Music of Russudan Mejpariani is a meeting of Caucasian archaic sounds, jazz, old and contemporary music, as well as traces of influences from Scandinavia till Africa. In spite of seeming imitation, we discover here something totally original as well as a big vocal discovery." - Blue rhythm 2007

"Stuttgarter Zeitung 2007"

" This CD has actually its own very distinctive tone, aside from the clichés, with free fantasized singing, apparently grasped from the air." - Stuttgarter Zeitung 2007

"Begegnung der Kulturen 2007"

"The visitors of Creole-competition in Theaterhaus could experience bewitching magic of Russudans performance: in the middle of the colorful, laud music festival Russudan Meipariani managed to transform the concert hall into a mysterious place and brought the audience to almost reverential silence. Gently and meditatively, at the same time very determined and with breathtaking stage presence, she let the audience attend her inner world, where the children pictures meet fairy tales. An unforgettable visualisation of the fantastic "Lieder aus einer Insel"." - Begegnung der Kulturen 2007


2004 CD releases with Daphioni Piano Trio
2007 CD release „Lieder aus einer Insel“



"I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Though I am out of my homeland for several years now, Georgian landscapes, people and songs live in my music. The music was with me since the childhood. My mother is musician. My father is not a musician, but he was the one, who brought me colourful world of music. Mainly it was a vocal music – different types of Georgian traditional songs, classical opera, Beatles, Pink Floyd, rock operas of Weber.
Later, when I was studying piano in the music school, a secret world opened to me- I discovered my voice and it lead me to the unknown land, where there were neither bans, no orders, where I have discovered gloomy and funny things.

There were people and they voices, poverty, old houses, dogs barking and dark alleys on the top of the sacred mountain, which turned into the music in the small room illuminated by the glimmer of the candle light.
When I came o Germany to study Composition by Wolfgang Rihm, it was time of searching, alienation but also time of renewal and broadening.
The atmosphere in Oslo, where I came as an exchange student was extremely inspiring: silent, slow, spacious and gloomy. I was fascinated by Norwegian language. There I started to sing again and discovered my own language.
Since then I started to work intensively with my own voice and investigate all sorts of polyphonical singing."
Russudan Mejpariani