Rust Belt Music

Rust Belt Music


We are Folk music with a beefed up Synth rock sound: Great lyrics and energentic music.


Rust Belt Music is a San Francisco song-based rock band that started in November 2001. RBM has alt country roots that can be heard in the evocative storytelling lyrics and vocal harmonies, but their music has moved forward by adding synth keyboard textures to their sound and an upbeat, raucous edge to their arrangements.

In 2002, RBM played over 40 shows in and around San Francisco building a consistent fan base and packing such venues as The Hotel Utah, the Voodoo Lounge, Red Devil Lounge and the Tongue n’ Groove.
In August, RBM took their act on the road for a Midwest/East Coast tour including gigs in New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

1999: John Lindenbaum, Chris Cortelyou, and Laurin Askew decide to move to California and form a band. John leaves Indiana in a very old Volvo.

September, 2001: Chris and Laurin drive to San Francisco from Ohio and Virginia. Scott Rubin joins on lead guitar.

October, 2001: Scott leaves the band and moves back to Boston.

November, 2001: Keyboardist Micah Weinberg makes the ill-fated decision to join the band. Hilarity ensues.

December, 2001: The guys kick John’s computer out of the band and move Chris to drums. They begin playing in a remote practice space in the God-forsaken SF Excelsior District. Rust Belt Music records the Glory in Excelsior Demo.

January, 2002: Rust Belt Music plays its first show on a Tuesday night at a Local Band Showcase.

May, 2002: Rust Belt Music plays its 12th show at the Hotel Utah Saloon.

June, 2002: With 20 shows under its belt, Rust Belt Music records its first album Deborah.

July-August, 2002: Jobless and penniless, Rust Belt Music tours America.

October, 2002: Bassist Laurin Askew moves to D.C., Friend Whit Steps in for two shows.

November, 2002: Rust Belt Music plays its 44th show, revealing its new harder, synth-flavored 3-man sound.

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In late 2001 RBM recorded a 4-song demo, "Glory in Excelsior", which they gave away at concerts.

RBM recorded their first full-length album, "Deborah", over the course of five months and had it finished just in time for their August tour. The album is available for sale at and From this recording RBM also produced a 3-song demo, "the Unplanned Third Child", which is also free at concerts.

The song "Bedford Fell" from Deborah will be featured on the Shut Eye Records compilation, This is Alt.Country, which will be released in January 2003 and will be distributed college radio stations around the country.

“Song about Planes” will be included on OasisCD’s alternative music CD sampler. OasisCD’s Samplers are sent to over 400 independent and College Stations around the country as well as Music Industry “insiders”.

RBM recorded the song “In Turn They Made You Miserable” for an APG Records compilation.

Set List

Eulogy for a Fictional Girlfriend
George Harrison's Wife
M Tagged J
Everything Helps, Even a Smile
Beer Can on the Side of the Road
The Belt Cycle
Goddamned Northeast Infrastructure
In Turn They Made You Miserable
M Tagged J
Songs About Planes

Our set lst from an half hour to two hours, though we don't play any covers, we do have quite few songs.