Electronica / ambient / trance with rock and classical influences. Live instruments and visuals. BT, Bjork, Sandra Collins, Tiesto, Aphex Twin, and NIN in a blender!


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R E C E N T _ N E W S

Rustcycle was interviewed for the March 2008 issue of Skope Magazine. Rustcycle appears on the April 2008 Under the Radar Magazine CD sampler.

Rustcycle was select from over 400 electronic artists from eight countries to perform at the Vegas Music Conference.

In early 2007 Johnson performed his first international shows as a guest violinist for a band in Whitby, England and for a club event at Tanz-Haus West / Cantina in Frankfurt, Germany.


Rustcycle blends aspects of trance, ambient electronica, house, classical influences, and rock to form an instrumental soundscape that is emotionally evocative.

Rustcycle is a music and media project lead by Adrian Johnson. During live performances Johnson switches between DJing and remixing his arrangements, playing electric violin and electric guitar, and VJing or using custom interaction software that takes video input. At concerts the project often manifests as a solo act, sometimes as a performance group involving instrumentalists and vocalists, but always as a genre-challenging experience.

Johnson was asked to present his music visualization software at the prestigious IEEE VR 2004 virtual reality and haptics conference. His home-grown VJ software is an aspect of the live performance. Some of Johnson's music harmonization software was presented at GECCO 2006 (Genetic and Evolutionary Computation COnference).

Johnson earned his Masters in Computer Science at the University of Colorado. He has given several lecture / performance demonstrations at the University of Colorado and Colorado Technical University to explain his biologically-inspired music generation software and motivate students to blend creativity and technology.

For Johnson's unique genre-blending style, French pop star Ysa Ferrer and Portuguese guitar virtuoso Alexandre Caetano sought him out for remixes that would diversify their offerings.

Johnson received several points of recognition during creation of the second Rustcycle CD, Daisho. The first two CDs, Twin Arcs and Daisho, were both solo endeavors.

The first track created for Daisho, "Katana", was crafted with extensive use of the Sherman Filterbank II. Sherman Electronics used "Katana" to promote their hardware.

Realizing the tremendous value of the Independent Music Awards in terms of credentials, Johnson created a last-minute composition to give a taste of the upcoming Daisho CD. Johnson submitted the track "Anti-Gravity" and the song made it to the finalist round in the electronica category (top five), edging out hundreds of other entries. Judges included DJ Spooky and Steve Vai among others. "Anti-Gravity" was written and recorded in an hour, mixed and mastered in another hour. The song was later seen on the heavy rotation charts at XM Satellite Radio, Channel 52.

The half-complete Daisho disc was sent to ACM Records in early 2005. ACM Records signed Rustcycle. Through ACM, Johnson's music was screened for projects such as the European distribution of Fox's X-Files. Johnson's goal is to tie in exposure through film and television with the live concerts and online presence.

To understand Johnson's obsession with music and blending genres, one needs only to look to his past. As a child Johnson suffered with countless ear infections, four eardrum ruptures, and seven ear surgeries. A period of substantial conductive hearing loss changed Johnson's life when he had to read lips to understand his parents. When surgeries re-introduced Johnson to the auditory world, he became determined to never be exiled from it again.

Johnson played viola in grades 4-10 then switched to electric guitar almost exclusively for two years. The syncopated harmony lines practiced for years on viola complemented the guitar's melodic role. Johnson began arranging and recording guitar and synthesizer compositions when he started college in 1999, taking a few music theory classes along the way. He picked up electric 5-string violin in 2004 to expand his tonal palette and bring strings back into focus.

Johnson is also a software engineer and researcher at a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) and aspires to continue interdisciplinary work in the vein of inventor / musician / engineer / futurist Kurzweil.

Rustcycle has been described as a blend of Moby, Joe Satriani, BT, and NIN for good reason. Johnson's influences are varied, including those named and others who have innovated in order to push their genres' boundaries.


The Vaulted Blue

Written By: Rustcycle

(instrumental, uplifting)

The Vaulted Blue

Written By: Rustcycle



Workaholics Autonomous DVD/CD - 2008
Daisho CD - 2005
Twin Arcs CD - 2002

Set List

An hour long set includes a visual rig (light, haze, strobes, video, and lasers as well as 1080p HD video on LCDs) sync'd to the set list in order to enhance the mood.

The Vaulted Blue
SCSI Navel
Wakizashi Part II
Silver Strand
Her Eyes
Inner Reservoir
Tonal Vision
Reverse I