Rusted Halo

Rusted Halo


Rusted Halo is a moody blend of acoustic and electric guitars, a driving rhythm section, and hauntingly beautiful vocals.


Rusted Halo takes pride in writing original,thoughtful, and introspective songs about the human experience.Songs about love, heartbreak, joy and sadness. The music feels like where we live....where the rust belts meets the country, it's Lake Michigan and US Steel, it's the wind in the pines and the roar of a blast-furnace.



"Waiting Out The Storm" is our self-produced 5 song cd. All of the tracks can be heard on our website, We will begin recording our full-length cd early 2007.

Set List

Including the five tracks on our cd, we currently have thirty original songs. We have enough material for 30-minute, 45-minute, 1 hour and 2 hour sets.