Stacked with talented musicianship, harmonies that will give you chills, and poised with maturity and desire, rustedShine is going to be a name heard throughout the music world in 2006.


rustedShine is a throwback to the days when powerful vocals MADE the band. Blending a rare combination of deeply textured music and soaring vocal harmonies, rustedShine puts a modern twist on this vintage style of rock. rustedShine has found their roots from an unusually diverse list of artists including Sevendust, Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Stevie Wonder, and The Mars Volta. The combination of influences within the band has a profound affect on the originality of their sound, which connects to a wide range of audiences, pushing them towards their ultimate goal of widespread national exposure.

rustedShine has opened for national acts such as Breaking Benjamin, Dark New Day, Buckcherry and The Ceasars, and played every major venue St. Louis has to offer. rustedShine released their self-produced, debut album 'Chameleon' (March 2005) to a sold out crowd, and have built on that for the past year. Their first TWO singles, Dig and Switchside were voted 101.1 FM (WVRV) The River Homegrown Challenge Champions for November 2004 and February 2005, respectively. Dig also earned the NUMBER 6 top requested song of 2004 on the 101.1 FM (WVRV) The River Homegrown Show. In late 2005, rustedShine cracked the daily programming on 105.7 FM (KPNT) The Point, St Louis' largest modern rock station (19th largest market), scoring some regular airplay, a live interview, and acoustical performance. This exposure is bringing rustedShine into the forefront of bands within their hometown.

In 2006, rustedShine has several regional tours planned, including dates with Modern Day Zero on the "Miller Lite Great Taste Amplified Tour". In addition, the follow-up to 'Chameleon' is being written, and production for their sophomore album will take place in the summer. rustedShine is a group poised with maturity and desire; they are going to be a name heard throughout the music world in 2006.



Written By: John Shanahan

A sweet surprise like a new found source of affection
There's nothing like a compromise
of love for lust

Feeling alone at this time
You figured that you could make everything alright

What will you look like in daylight?
Will it make me sick to see your face again?
Do you understand, how I feel yet?
And I don’t regret a thing
About how I’m letting you down

No one knows exactly how this feels like me
But I can assure you, though, things have never been so clear before

You try to take advantage
(you see me as weak)
But I am not for the taking

I know where you’re trying to go
And I'll never go back again
Ill never trade who I am for who I’ve been
So get the fuck back

Love, Lust
Which will betray me?


Written By: Matt Leavitt

Wandering eyes, moving patiently
I stare at empty walls
Under my fragile skin and bone, Im losing you
Tell me I haven’t lost it all…

Im crawling, I wonder, how can I bleed for you?
Im crawling, I wonder, how can I live for you?

Broken one too many promises to win you over
If breaking me is not enough,
Then laugh when I act confused and fumble my words
And trust I’m losing self control…

Im crawling, I wonder, how can I bleed for you?
Im taken by others, but taken most by you
Im crawling, I wonder, how can I live for you?
When I feel so desperate now

Im crawling, I wonder, how can I bleed for you?
Im taken by others, but taken most by you
Im crawling, I wonder, how can I live for you?

And I feel hollow
And it tears me up inside

That I feel so desperate now

The Chameleon

Written By: John Shanahan

What makes you breathe? What drives you to be who you are?
Desperate to be useful, you’ve built yourself a pedestal to be seen from
Did you think I’d be fool enough to miss the chameleon,
in the midst of all that’s real around me?

I’ve taken off your mask to show off who you really are,
And I don’t care much for a phony persona I’ve exposed you , it’s all over
Lied to your friends about your friends, now you have none left,
Cry yourself to sleep

You never meant one thing you’ve said to me
It’s all about warming up to me
Making me softer for an easier kill
You’ll never break this shell

You wanted to be the gossip queen by directing this drama scene,
This masquerade is far too much to take, and its far too late,
for you to change my mind about you, it’s too late for you

Boiling Point

Written By: John Shanahan

And dare you say I should change my feelings towards,
the disrespect that you gave to me with all the conspiracies,
that you’ve created around me, its music to your ears when I cry

Now, you like to talk about me when I’m not here to defend myself,
This has got to stop, but I know how you like to escape every dose of reality
And I know my pleas will go unheard

A boiling point has been reached
And my forgiveness has ceased
My heart is broken, along with all of our trust

All you needed was someone to guide you
But, instead, you got someone who forgot you,
Could this be some kind of revenge on your life?
Why did you take it out on mine?
I’m not the one who stole your youth from you

A new view has brought me reckoning
It has taken me out of my hiding
Seeing how I’ve been wronged for nothing,
I’ve got to pour in the salt to the wound that is you
I’ve got to bring you the hate that you’ve bred me to be


Written By: Matt Leavitt

Don’t want to listen to the cries of your conscience
They’re undermining, you’re undetermined to hear them
Your inner demons are closing in
To protect you from yourself
To protect you from yourself before you taste….
before you hate….
before you hate yourself for giving in….

How do I trust when I don’t understand me
How do I understand and trust myself to never keep me
Moving Lateral
Moving Lateral

Should have listened to the voice from the outside (they want to punish me)
Cant ignore the better view from the inside (the better half of me)
But I wont listen to the cries of my conscience
Hear them often but I choose to ignore them
They only want to keep me grounded
Forever shifting sideways in this place….
before I make…
before I make a move, not settle in…

So I will move on.
Hoping not to surrender,
A dream that never will leave me.
I promise you I will keep you with me.

Just trust me…

Which side? Switchside


Written By: John Shanahan

Coming soon...


Midwest Music Explosion: Volume 1 (2005)
Chameleon (LP, 2005)
Switchside (Demo/EP, 2005)
Breakthrough Audio Compilation CD #2 (2005)
Breakthrough Audio Compilation CD #1 (2005)
AMPstl Compilation CD (2004)
Dig (Demo/EP, 2004)

Set List

A typical set is from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the show/venue. rustedShine also performs very intimate acoustic sets featuring songs like: