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"Local tunes"

by Sally Litchfield
MDJ Features Editor

September 04, 2009 01:00 AM | 205 views |

Marietta Grassroots is celebrating community by getting back to basics with a free community concert showcasing local talent. A dynamic group of up and coming musicians with perform at the first annual Marietta Grassroots Music Festival on Sept. 12 from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. in Glover Park at the Marietta Square.

Marietta Grassroots is an outreach program created to provide safe, family-friendly events and activities with a special focus on showcasing local talent from the diverse cultures present in Marietta and surrounding communities, explained Suzanne Murphy, President of Marietta Grassroots.

"Our vision is to build upon and strengthen the foundation of community pride that is present today and encourage a pay-it-forward attitude," says Murphy. For more information on the event, visit

The featured music talent at the festival will include bands and solo artists: Tim Nichols Band, Mazie Weeper, Acorn Ridge, Tori Bigelow, Tim & Kate, Andy Smith, Jeff Silver and Rusted Soul. Each will perform for 30-45 minutes.

"We're celebrating the simple things in life and core values of the community, along with the talents that each member brings to the community to make it what it is," said Murphy.

"The diversities of talents and efforts and things that everybody contributes to the community to make it what it is, I think is sometimes overlooked," said Murphy. "There are so many people who need to be thanked, from the sanitation worker to the policemen who keep us safe."

The focus of the family event is on the positive, remarked Murphy.

"Every single one of us is important, every single one of us add value," she said. "We want to celebrate this."

Marietta Grassroots plans on conducting other family-oriented community events throughout the year. Plans for an upcoming Soap Box Derby are in the works.

"We believe repetitive, positive acts and activities produce positive ripples that radiate outward and transform lives," said Murphy. "Our goal is to keep these ripples in constant motion through various activities and events, creating waves of kindness, patience and goodwill."

"I think that it (the festival) will serve to strengthen the foundation that's already there," she said.
- Marietta Daily Journal


Album 13
1. Get Gone
2. Scratch n Sniff
3. Through the Darkness
4. Lonely Soldier
5. Vice Versa
6. Delta Dawn
7. A Mothers Love
8. Why
9. Happily Ever After
10. Time
11. By the Way
12. Midnight Call
13. Loot



Rusted Soul was formed when Jason Duncan, Matt Sheffield, and Fred Hadley got together to see what kind of sound they could make. Duncan and Sheffield had been writing music together for years and had a great sound of their own that was seemingly made for Fred's vocal prowess. Amazed at the chemistry they had, they sought out John Waszczak, an insanely talented drummer Sheffield and Duncan had shared the stage with before. After interviewing several bassists, they happened upon Matt Johnson, a local Wiz Kid that had been tearing up the local scene. They had a great run, then Duncan decided to part ways with the band for personal reasons. At this point, there was a decision to make. Keep going as a four piece, or find someone to fit the slot? So, as the story unfolds, the new and only RUSTED SOUL WAS BORN. It was magic. Having found the perfect and only fit for the band, an unbelievable guitarist and vocalist by the name of Jonathan Pruitt that Sheffield had played with years before in the band known as Downside. They've been wowing local audiences ever since. They have an original, unmistakably haunting new style that everyone within earshot is drawn to. Their recordings are epic, but their live show is where they will capture your very soul. Rusted Soul will be around for a very long time. Few bands write music that you can actually feel. This is one of them. Enjoy!