Rusted Wagon

Rusted Wagon


Rusted Wagon is a high-energy power trio, combining 60's style jam band characteristics with alternative country and americana stylings, as well as some indie rock spirit. Classic rock fans, jam band fans, alt country fans will love Rusted Wagon. Compare to Crazy Horse, Tom Petty, Creedence.


Rusted Wagon is a roots rock band from southern California who have carefully sharpened their live act by grinding it out in roadhouse bars, beach cantinas and festivals in and around southern California.


late 2005 saw the 5-song debut self-titled release. Some of the tracks have been featured on local college radio, as well as internet website features.

Set List

Rusted Wagon is available to play gigs anywhere from 1 hour to over 3 hours in length. The band is very used to playing for 3 hours or more in bars in southern California, combining original material with classic rock covers and extended jams. They are a hard-working, and professional act, that likes to stretch out longer live sets whenever possible.