Rustflower are an energetic, country rock outfit. Performing with vibrancy and honesty, they invite the audience into their space and create a great atmosphere. With strong musical hooks their songs have instant appeal complimented by lyrics that paint pictures and capture the essence of our lives.


Rustflower perform their own brand of infectious Aussie alt-country rock.

Whether rockin’ out under the stars at a Rodeo or tucked away in a crowded front bar, Rustflower perform with energy, vibrancy and honesty, inviting the audience into their space and creating a great atmosphere.

With strong musical hooks and melodies, their songs have an instant appeal and engage new audiences, whilst the attention to detail in their lyrics allows their songs stand on their own and gives the quiet listener something to contemplate.

A feature of the band is the shared song writing and vocals by Pete and Kerrie Arthur, giving Rustflower its great diversity. Pete’s earthy voice and story-telling style sits well in the camp of other Australian story tellers like Paul Kelly and Shane Howard. With insightful life observations, Pete sees life from a new angle and colour.

Kerrie’s writes from an open heart, her stories and openness invites you in. With her smooth, warm voice and powerful harmonies, she locks in quickly with the listener as they relate to her lyrics and emotions.

Since 2005, Pete and Kerrie have spent 6 months on the road each year, travelling to remote Australia, writing and recording songs with students, bands and individuals.

Always happy to strap on the acoustic guitar, they found themselves playing acoustic shows in many outback locations and were drawn to a new musical direction through the characters, stories and the rhythm of the road

Returning home, Rustflower was formed in late 2005. With Pete Arthur (Junior) on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Paul Lewis (Tidal) on drums, Stephen Pederson (Junior) on electric guitar and mandolin and solo artist Kerrie also on lead vocals, Rustflower we’re almost complete.

Bringing in Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood) as the producer and bass player and Billy Rankin (Southpaw) on electric guitar, Rustflower recorded their debut CD “Need Somebody” in 2006. With the wide range of musical influences amongst the band members, a new sound and energy was created and the personality of the songs took shape.

With the addition of Curtis McKay (Hills and Trains) on bass in 2007, the Rustflower line-up was complete. A tight fisted, but fun loving outfit.

Hitting the road in late 2008 on a tour from Darwin to Adelaide, Rustflower quickly captured new audiences with their strong songs and performances and the Rustflower sound fully arrived; energetic, country rock, with a distinctly Australian flavour.

Returning home with some miles now on their new songs, Rustflower recorded their new CD, aptly named “Long Road Home” in early 2009.
Again produced by Greg Arnold and with Billy Rankin back on electric guitar, “Long Road Home” sees a more defined country rock sound. An album that tells the small stories from our big country, “Long Road Home” is full of great energy with songs that paint pictures lyrically, capturing the essence of our lives. Turn it up loud on an open highway and the songs really come to life!

Rustflower continue to grow in stature as a live band and have developed a strong following throughout SA and the NT. From intimate moments to energetic rockin’ out, Rustflower will take you on a trip and you will leave as friends on life’s journey.


Long Road Home - 2009
Need Somebody - 2006

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