Rustic Charm

Rustic Charm

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Rustic Charm is a feast for your ears. Fill your boots with our pop-rock, bluesy, groovy 70's flavoured sound. We're kind of Missy Higgins meets Michelle Branch and they walk into a coffee shop and get sucked into a musical conundrum.


Rustic Charm is unusual in that we consist of three lead vocalists and songwriters. Megan, Kelly and Tracy have diverse influences that are reflected in the eclectic fusion of styles the band performs. Angie and Colin round out the groove with solid drums and killer guitarwork. In "One For The Road", our latest cd, Latin beats, pop rock with a 70's flavour, bluegrass and wailing blues all merge. Truly, this is one cd you'll want to take on a long road trip. Damn, it's got everything!


One for the Road: 2007 (Sample tracks available on our MySpace page:

Road Less Travelled: 2004 (Sample tracks available on our website -

Set List

Our sets are 45 mins long and are made up of our original tunes, as well as four cover songs in each set. There's no limit to how long we can play as long as we're well fed :) We have a ton of original material, spanning far beyone our two cds, plus a bevy of songs we intend to record in the future. We cover: Sarah Slean, Catie Curtis, jazz standards, folk standards, Anna Nalick and similar artists.