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Colder Than Love

Written By: Russell Griffin

I remember
I remember
Charing Cross Station and Turkish Delight
Watching her eyes to gain an insight
The clink of the glasses as the guard’s whistle blows
Sexual tension and the squawk of the crows

That November
That November
Ice on the window as her train left on time
She faded away from the scene of her crime
I was led off in handcuffs protesting a lie
I could have betrayed her but I’d rather die

Three years gone I’m back on the street
She paid me as promised but I’m still incomplete
What is this madness that’s driving my car
My eyes of desire rake every bar

She’s waiting
Black lace and leather in a forgotten hotel
I cannot buy what she refuses to sell
Lust for the money took my life away
Love for a honey I refused to betray

I scream at the stars and howl at the night
She’s blacker than black and I’m whiter than white
Three years of waiting and I’ll wait no more
I’ll break down her walls
Smash down her door

It’s colder than love when it gets like this
It’s colder than love when I burn for her kiss
It’s ice and it’s fire
It’s lust and desire
It’s all that I am every step of my path
No smile in my words
No joy in my laugh
This is the heat
And it’s colder than love
Colder than love

No surrender
I’ll defend her
She’s elusive and cruel and satanically real
All of my glory her headlines will steal
A cloud of suspicion descends here again
I’m unable to answer the who or the when

They won’t catch me this time
(I’ll escape their net)
I’m not guilty of this crime
(And my hunt’s not over yet)

But now as the blue light gets closer again
I am the one who will pay in the end
There’s just one more stairway I need to climb
Before they catch me and take me and make me bleed for her crime

It’s colder than love when I cry out her name
It’s colder than love when I’m caught in her game
It’s ringside at showtime
Murder but no crime
It defines what I am in one photograph
Avarice and sex in a Charing Cross caff
It just repeats
And it’s colder than love
Colder than love

I see her face in the white of the fire
When she laughs at me I know she can’t hear my screams
She is the truth and I am the liar
I’m the ghost in her memory and a spectator in dreams

It’s colder than love and it’s freezing my soul
It’s colder than love and I’m out of control
Like an eclipse of the sunlight
It tears out my eyesight
It’s the road I have travelled in one epitaph
She’s forever naked and her lips seem to laugh:
“This is so sweet
And it’s colder than love
Colder than love