Rusty Bone

Rusty Bone


We basically play a fusion of blues and rock. I was personally influenced greatly by Buddy Guy and B.B. King, but also the Rock gods of Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. When I heard other Blues/Rock fusion musicians like Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Joe Bonamassa, I fell in love.


The Blues

The blues is my release; it is my great inspiration, and the result of the latter. My favorite thing about the blues is how easy it is to let the flow of inspiration come directly from your heart and soul, and flow through your fingers into your guitar. In blues I can truly let my mind free while my soul pours like a river, without a filter, beautifully. I love that in the blues, you can always tell when a song was written with a real emotion as its inspiration. It’s in this truly inspired blues that one can connect to another musician. It’s the means by which my father and I became close. He and I playing together is more than a hobby. When we play I feel his pain and his worries. This is the reason why I love the music of such giants as Jonny Lang, Joe Bonamassa, and Robert Johnson. In their music, I feel I know them better than I know even my best friends. When Robert Johnson died in 1938, his replacement for the show he was to play was a little known at the time musician Big Bill Broonzy. Big Bill later became famous as a result of his exposure. I believe through this foundation, I may have a chance at exposure to make something of myself, and share my soul with the world through my guitar, the same way Robert Johnson did, and still does.