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Yes I Am a Cowboy

Written By: Rusty Bonser

Well the day is growing shorter, and the shadows are growing long.
I'm trailing these old doggies towards home.

The sun is slowly fadingand sunset lights up the western sky.
I look forward to a hot supper, and to warm my weary bones by the fire.


Yes I am a cowboy, not for fortune not for fame.
me and my pony and mother nature,
riding and a roping on God's range.

Tonight it will be my turn for sharing,
I'll probably sing a song or two.
It will be Ghost Riders or Winds of Wyoming,
Partly legend, mostly true.

Tonight when my head hits the pillow, I 'll fade off into my favorite dream.

Its the one where I'm the heri,
Just like Hop a Long, Roy and Gene.


Winds of Wyoming

Written By: Rusty Bonser

The Winds of Wyoiming they blow all the time they say,

I been on Expedition Island in Greenriver, floated the waters of Fremont Lake ouside Pinedale, been fron Sundance to Cody and on to Jackson, I've always had the wind in my sails.

It touched the deerskin sides of the tepees, ruffled the covered wagons on the Oregon Trail, pushed a volkswagen off I-80, its the subject of countless legends and tales.


The Winds of Wyoming, they blow all the time they say,
The Winds of Wyoming, they have there own special grace.

Some say its the breath of Heaven,
blows warm when times are good and cold when they are lean,
Its left its mark all across Wyoming,
creates a snow blown sunset few have ever seen.

In a land of hardy individuals, from the pioneers to the oilmen of today,
if you ask them all the same question, I'm sure they would all say.