Rusty Douthitt and the New Life Choir

Rusty Douthitt and the New Life Choir


High-energy, passionate worship choir that sings with a powerful anointing, under the leadership of Music Pastor, Rusty Douthitt. Music that compels you, the listener, to worship with all your heart.


Rusty Douthitt and the New Life Choir lead worship each week at the New Life Assembly of God Church in Oak Grove, MO. The sixty-plus member ensemble includes members of all ages, and they perform a variety of selections, from Black Gospel to Modern Praise and Worship, with Hymns and everything else in between. Unlike many traditional choirs, the New Life Choir performs music that compels the listeners to get involved. Utilizing multimedia, drama, dance and even sign language, their approach is anything but traditional or predictable. This anointed group has performed with acclaimed artists such as Geron Davis and Kindred Souls, Alvin Slaughter and David and Nicole Binion, and were recently featured concert guests at the Steve Hurst School of Music in Nashville, TN.
Every Sunday morning and evening, you can find the New Life Choir cutting loose in worship with a top-notch rhythm section that will have you on your feet, shouting for joy.
Their musical style is diverse sampling influenced by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, the Christ Church Choir, and worship artists such as Clint Brown, Geron Davis and Mark Condon. Original compositions from group leader, Rusty Douthitt, round out their colorful repertoire.
The group was recently recognized as the 2005 Inspirational Artist of the Year at the 5th annual KC Christian Music Awards, where they were also named finalists in the Worship Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Group of the Year categories.


Just Because You're God

Written By: Rusty Douthitt/Stephen Nix

Chorus: Just because You're God, I've come to worship You.

Just because You're God, I've come to praise Your holy name.

Not for anything You've done, or for the victories You've won.

Lord, I worship You, just because You're God. (2X)

Verse: You're God of the mountains and God of the seas,

God of the nations, and God just for me.

You're God when I'm weary, and God when I'm strong,

God in the morning, and God all day long, and I wor - ship just be - cause . . . (2X)

Bridge: You are God, and You are great, (Just because You're God)

So we lift our voice and celebrate.

You take us to a higher place (Just because You're God)

Where we gaze upon Your holy face.

And I worship You, Lord, I worship You . . .

Lord, I worship You just because You're God.

Jesus Is Worthy

Written By: Rusty Douthitt

Chorus: Praise Him! Praise Him!

Jesus is worthy, so give Him all the praise. (Repeat)

Verse: Clap your hands, shout for joy, lift your voice.

Come be - fore Him, make a joyful noise!
Testify, magnify, lift Him high.

Jesus is worthy, so give Him all the praise.

Ending: Praise Him! (4X) Worthy, worthy (Yes, He's worthy)

Praise Him! Praise Him! Give to the Lord all the honor and praise.

Praise Him! Praise Him! Jesus is worthy, so give Him all the praise.

Show Me Your Way

Written By: Rusty Douthitt

Mold my heart in Your will I'm praying,
Let me hear what Your Spirit's saying, Lord,
Show me Your way.
Help me keep my eyes on You,
I will do what You want me to, Lord, show me Your way.
Oh, Lord, show me Your way.
Verse: For the way of the Lord is perfect,
And the way of the Lord is pure.
Oh, the way of the Lord is holy, and His righteousness endures.


First live worship release - "May All the People Praise You"
Second live worship release - "Jesus Is Worthy"