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Rusty Horn


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Written By: Rusty Horn

Copr. 2001 Rusty Horn all rights reserved

The firewood crackles in the air
the sun sets on your earthenware
words come softly like a prayer—today...
All around leaves turn to red
they fly one time and forever rest
Six months past since your last breath—today...

Halloween--tonight the spirits awaken
Halloween--one last chance to set you free
Halloween--sure seems colder since you were taken
Halloween--the widower waits for thee

A whirlwind rustles through the grass
as I prepare for all Hallowmass
the remnants of my reason pass—away
A dark cloud rolls above my head
Anxious feelings turn into dread
I almost feel I'm being led—away...


BRIDGE—around the maypole we all danced
the hour approaching would be our last
hand in hand this séance meets to say...

CHORUS + the widower waits for the takin'

TAG—the widower waits for thee
the widower waits for thee—hee hee hee