Rusty Lemon

Rusty Lemon


Rusty Lemon has been labeled "Memphis's Supergroup". It's a team of the proven best Rock & Soul musicians in the US.


Rusty Lemon has been dubbed, “Memphis’s Supergroup” by the media after local best-of musicians found a home together united by a common vision – to lead the Rock & Soul Memphis Renaissance. It only takes one song to understand Rusty Lemon’s strength is in the band’s diversity. Their sound is already being called current classic with clear roots in Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd influenced by such modern legends like Radiohead and Pearl Jam. Rusty Lemon produces a timeless sound with a broad appeal that can be heard through a fusion of backgrounds. From the two lead guitars including international award winning blues master Kirk Smithhart and former alt-metal band leader Steve Williams to the percussion section including internationally recorded gospel and blues drummer Dave Mason and modern jam band player, Landon Moore, on bass. This tapestry of sound is woven together with the beautifully haunting voice of Rusty Lemmon whose range and style is being compared to vocal legend Jeff Buckley.

Rusty Lemon’s sound caught the ear of Producer Pete Matthews from Los Angeles based Lippman Entertainment Group. Pete gained fame as a producer after discovering and producing Grammy award winning “Evanescence”. He recently produced and engineered Rusty Lemon’s current album, The Morning End at the legendary Ardent Studios located in Memphis, TN.


Second Chance

Written By: Rusty Lemon

In your darkest day
You'll find a way
Into my arms again
Just how long you stray
Depends on when
Logic returns your way

I feel you swimming through my veins
I need more time just to explain
How long until we make ammends
Just come back for your second chance

Sing along with me
If you can breathe
It's hard to believe insanity
Cast your doubt aside
In you it hides
Just one vacant chance for release

Repeat chorus 2x


2005, Rusty Lemon, Self Titled
2006, Rusty Lemon, "The Morning End"
2006, Rusty Lemon DVD, "In Session w/ Rusty Lemon"

Set List

Originals - Set length as long as needed:
Rusty Lemon- Flying High
Rusty Lemon- Second Chance
Rusty Lemon- If It’s Over
Rusty Lemon- Durango
Rusty Lemon- Change Your Mind
Rusty Lemon- Undercover
Rusty Lemon- One By One
Rusty Lemon- Let You Go
Rusty Lemon- Pitiful
Rusty Lemon- Thoughts of Violence
Rusty Lemon- You’ll Never Know
Rusty Lemon- Disappointing You
Rusty Lemon- Better Than This
Rusty Lemon- Don't Talk To Me
Rusty Lemon- Miss Marmalade

Covers - Set length as long as needed:
311- Amber
311- All Mixed Up
Alice in Chains- No Excuses
Alice in Chains- Rooster
Allman Brothers- Midnight Rider
Allman Brothers- Soulshine
Allman Brothers- Sweet Melissa
Beatles-Don’t Let Me Down
Black Crowes- She Talks to Angels
Black Crowes- Twice as Hard
Blind Melon- No Rain
Bob Marley- Is this Love
Bob Marley- Waiting in Vain
Chris Robinson- Train Robbers
Coldplay- Clocks
Coldplay- Green Eyes
Coldplay- Politik
Coldplay- Trouble
Dave Matthews Band- Crash
Eric Cla