Rusty Lunchbox

Rusty Lunchbox


RLBX is 4 very talented, dedicated, and hard working musicians. Their music is compared to that of Fuel or 3 Doors Down, while having their own unique sound. With an amazing vocalist, a female drummer and infectious riffs RLBX's persona & music will make you a fan!


Emerging onto the metro Detroit music scene in June, 1998, Rusty Lunchbox (RLBX) formed from the remnants of the four members earlier projects. Prior to the formation of RLBX, the two Dave’s (Fuller and Cheney) had played together for three years, while Tracy Jones and Steve "Guido" Johnson had been jamming since the sixth grade. It was this experience and familiarity that allowed them to move rapidly into live shows. After a mere two weeks of immersing themselves in rehearsal, RLBX was ready for Detroit’s highly competitive bar scene.

After booking their first bar on and off for roughly eighteen months, perfecting their own sound through cover songs; RLBX had reached a crossroads where their own originals would soon shine through. It was in January of 2000 that RLBX had fully become a part of Detroit Rock and Roll. Working with friend and song writer, K.C. Scott (Breaker, Breaker) they were beginning to write their best original songs, and had drawn a rather large following where ever they played throughout Detroit and the rest of Michigan.

Over the next six years, RLBX continued to play every weekend without flaw at various establishments throughout Michigan, while maintaining a commitment to perfecting their original music. Abandoning their first studio project before finding a more suitable environment, RLBX recorded & cut a three song demo and only 1 year later released their full-length debut album, "Step Inside" which was quickly a smash with the RLBX faithful! It was obvious from their first show following their CD release party that, RLBX's infectious songs contained memorable lyrics with catchy hooks; as a majority of the crowd began to sing alongside Fuller!

Currently ranked as the number one band in Detroit on, RLBX has picked up sponsorship by a couple other bar scene favorites, Jagermeister and Bud Light. While RLBX’s commitment to music and live shows has not budged, they primary focus has turned to all-original showcase shows. They have recently recorded a limited edition EP which flew from the shelves at every venue they have played. In between playing gigs, they’ve found time to work on their sophomore album, which is projected for release by January 2007. Be sure to check their calendar to find the next place you can catch this can’t miss show.

The Band has managed to stay one of the busiest bands in the Detroit area by booking Tuesday's and Wednesday's in addition to every Thursday through Saturday nearly a year in advance.
Playing local bars & Original show venues has helped RLBX win awards such as, Male Vocalist & Drummer of the Year in 2001 at the WCMAs or (Local Detroit Rock Awards), The Global Battle of the Bands (Midwest Regional Winners) and a U.S. National Finalist in 2006.

Other accomplishments include playing bigger venues such as KeyClub on Sunset (W. Hollywood, CA), The Magic Bag (Ferndale), Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland, OH), Hard Rock Cafe (Detroit) and St. Andrew's Hall (Detroit), Harpos (Detroit).

For the entire year of 2006 RLBX carried has the #1 spot of over 100 + bands @

BarStar Final standing for RLBX the previous 2 years:
2005 - #2
2004 - #2

Rusty Lunchbox received their 1st sponsorship from Jagermeister in March of 2004 and their 2nd in October of 2004 from Bud Light, both sponsors are still presently onboard.


2001 - Zombie EP
2004 - Step Inside LP
2006 - RLBX (The EP)

*Currently in the studio recording their full-length sophomore album...

Songs that have received radio play:
2001 - Zombie WRIF Radio Air Play
2004 - Pictures WRIF Radio Airplay

Set List

RLBX's Material for an "All-Original RockShow"

- It's Over
- Hello L.A.
- Down on Me
- The Lonely One
- Not that Man
- Thinkin' of You
- Ballad of Blue
- More than Me
- Sorry
- Pictures
- Now
- Step Inside
- Zombie
- The Worst & the Better
- Fallin Out
- Goodbye Love
- Afraid
- Gone
- Braille
- Wasted Away
- Soul
- Breaker, Breaker

RLBX are also considered Detroit's best Cover band! If you book them to play a cover gig in you bar, club or venue, below will provide an idea of what you'll get...


RLBX'S Partial Cover List

Shook Me All Night Long

- Alice Cooper
Be My Lover

- Alice in Chains
Would, Nutshell

- Better Than Ezra

- Jimmy Buffet

- Bush

- The Calling
Wherever You Will Go, Adrian

- Chevelle
The Red

- Creed
Torn, Weathered, Higher, One last Breath

- Default