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Rusty Ps

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Hip hop. Funky, good vibe music. Underground midwest hip hop since 1995. Fresh lyrics with a unique style and sounds that are reminiscent of the early 90's and the future. Amazing showband that has performed with many greats in several countries. Based in Milwaukee WI.


Established in Milwaukee, WI in 1995, the Rusty Ps (formerly "Rusty Pelicans") have played an instrumental role in the Midwest underground music scene. For nearly a decade strong, the Ps have been touring nationally and internationally bringing their unique style of hip hop to the world. The Rusty Ps have had many releases, local, national and international, over their 10 year career. They have recently released a new full length album "Rusty Ps vs Milwaukee". In previous releases they have featured Imani of the Pharcyde and Slug of Atmosphere. They have released independently and released under Grand Central Records (UK). At home they have been recognized
numerous times by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry as the state's premier hip hop group. Revered by fans and critics alike, the Rusty Ps continue to create and produce their own brand of original hip hop music.

Tours and Performances:

The Rusty Ps has toured nationally and internationally with groups such as The Pharcyde, Killa Kella and DJ Hype (Germany). As an opening act, Rusty Ps has also performed with groups such as Run DMC, Eminem, Blackalicious, Latyrx, DJ Shadow, The Roots, Slick Rick, Jurassic 5, Digital Underground, Masta Ace, Hieroglyphics, Ludacris, The Black Eyed Peas, Nappy Roots and Atmosphere.


WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) -
The Rusty Ps is a two time WAMI award winner for the Best Hip-Hop/Rap category, in the years 2000, 2001 and 2006. With nominations in 1999 and 2002.

"Best of Milwaukee"
Voted "best of" by the readers of the Shepherd Express in the years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2005.


Count Classic - Also known as "Caddilac" or "MegaHurtz", "The Count" is an original memeber of the Rusty Pelicans/Rusty Ps. Mcing since 1992, The Count had been a member of various groups and crews until he, Phantom Channel, Mr. Smith and Dana Dane decided to start their own crew called "Rusty Pelicans", writing, recording and performing their own unique style of hip hop.

Phantom Channel - Has been emceeing since 1992, working in various groups and has been writing, recording and performing as an original member of the Rusty Pelicans/Rusty Ps since 1995.

Madhatter - DJ Madhatter joined the Rusty Ps in the year 2002. He began deejaying in 1998 and moved to Milwaukee, WI from his hometown of Kenosha, WI. Jordan " Madhatter" Lee began playing drums and making music before the age of ten. His musical roots were deeply based in soul, funk and rhythm and blues, but were also inspired later in his teens by punk, ska, reggae, and rock. Jordan's roots in drumming and years of voice and theatre training, made the progression into working with hip hop a smooth one. Music has always been, and continues to be, the major building block of his life.

S Watson - S Watson has been producing for the Rusty Ps since 1997. All of his released work has been produced using the Akai MPC 2000, except the Rusty Pelicans first release, the "Prototype" single, which was produced using the Akai S-20. According to Watson, "music is love" and he intends to use it to bring "peace" to the human family.


Almost all Rusty Ps music is free at

Prototype RPCP 12"
The first recorded effort by the Rusty Pelicans. Recorded at Walls Have Ears, Milwaukee, WI. Vocal recording, mix and master done at Hollywood Sound in Hollywood, CA. (1999)
RPCP stands for "Rusty Pelican, Civilized Person"

The Best Part
“The Best Part” is the first full length CD project recorded by the Rusty Pelicans. Recorded at Bionic Studios, Milwaukee, WI. (1999)

Tread Water 12"
The second single recorded and released by the Rusty Pelicans in support of their album, "Out of Many". This single was released nationally as well internationally. (2000)

Out of Many
“Out of Many” is the second full length CD release recorded by the Rusty Ps. Recorded at Bionic Studios, Milwaukee, WI. This album featured collaborations with The Pharcyde and Atmosphere and was release nationally as well internationally. (2001)

“One” is the third full length CD release recorded by the Rusty Ps. Recorded at Bionic Studios, Milwaukee, WI. (2002)

Quickness 12"
Phantom Channel and Count Classic were featured emcees on this Grand Central Records(UK) release from the Nudge, a DJ/producer in London. "Quickness" was distributed throughout Europe and received critical acclaim in the London club scene. (2003)

Professional 12"
The third single release from the Rusty Ps. (2003)

Is It Live? 12"
the Rusty Ps licensed "Is It Live?", the B-side from the "Professional" single to Grand Central Records(UK)which and was released in Europe. This 12" also features a remix by Rob Smith of Smith & Mighty. (2004)

Rusty Ps vs. Milwaukee
“Rusty Ps vs. Milwaukee” is the fourth full length release by the Rusty Ps. The Ps collaborated with some of the best talent of various musical genres from Milwaukee, including members of Def Harmonic, and The Mistreaters. (2005)

Set List

The Rusty Ps set is usually 30 minutes to an hour depending on the timeslot provided.