Rusty Starz

Rusty Starz


60's Haight Revisited...psychedelic rock that stems from folkly Neil Young with a twist of jam band lines and melodies hook together with grooves that will make your soul dance...Rusty Starz takes your hand and takes you to a place you've always wished.


Rusty Starz is a five-piece original rock band playing what has been described as Psychedelic Power Pop. The songs are loaded with hooks, harmonies, rhythm and soaring guitar solos. The sound borrows from the Talking Heads, Grateful Dead, Tom Petty and Stephen Malkmus.

Rusty Starz is fronted by Rusty Double J, Jon Jeans. Jon moved from San Diego years ago after leading the Citrus Revolution on stage for 4 years. He has played and sang at over 100 shows including the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon. He teaches fifth grade and is a video editor on the side.

Andy Schmidt, Rusty Jedi, plays lead electric guitar and sings. He is a local photographer and videographer. He is a veteran of High
Fashion and Element, showing off his musical
talents as a drummer in these bands.

Ben Cline, Rusty Thunder, plays the drums. His distinctive rolls and fills compliment the bands eclectic styling. He brings influences from Sonic Youth and Rush to the groove. Ben grew up in Hood River and works as a photo editor.

Russ Hiser, Rusty Rustofferson, keeps it all in time on the bass. Russ has lived in Portland for 3 years, bringing stage experience from the east coast bands Barn Yard Lovers and Three Feet Deep. He is an international man of business who brings humor into every song.

Vince Blaney, Pancho Rusty, adds percussion, harmonica and vocals to the band. He brings road experience from east coast jam band, PHUNKT, and his wide variety of sounds fills out the Rusty Starz style. An ever fountain of positive energy, Vince works as a physical therapist.

Set List

Rusty Starz has 40 plus songs and we can play approximately 3 hours of original psychedelic rock.

Example Set list
Set I

Grind the Stone
Coaster Days
Profound Thoughts
Don’t Give Up
Give to Receive
Eyes on the Prize
Drama in Checkout Line
Believe We Believe
The Mystical

Set II
Less Said the Better
Pass it ‘Round
Wanna Be Your Moon
Hell’s Canyon
Second Try
Don’t Fight It
Mary Jane’s Last Dance
Potatos Oh Yea

Old Young Blues,
I Can’t Disguise,
Get Juiced,
Group Sex,
Rusty Starz