Rusty Trick

Rusty Trick


Rusty trick is a hard rock band that just loves to play ..We just have a straight up rock n roll sound wit a high energy show..


Rusty trick was formed in 2002 by some guys who wanted to bring back the hard driving rock n roll sound that seemed to have disappeared..So with influences like Audio slave, Aerosmith, ACDC, Guns n Roses, and many more they hit the clubs. And what a response , it seems many other people out there where missing this music also..So after a few line up changes Rusty trick is stronger then ever, bringing their high energy hard rock sound to who ever will listen..


Rusty Trick demo
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Were Ready
No Damage Done
One Way

Set List

Our typical set lit consists of mainly originals with a couple covers thrown in for kicks..

(Set list)One way , loaded, off the bottom, no damage done, have a drink on me(ACDC), were ready, hypnotize, Mr . Brownstone( Guns n Roses)Many times,Dragula( Rob Zombie)