Ruthann Springle

Ruthann Springle

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Adult Alternative from Ruthann Springle. A talented singer/songwriter who's performance will make you a fan


Ruthann Springle first publicly launched herself into the Toronto music scene in 2000. Receiving FACTOR’s New Talent Demo Award, she went into the studio with producer Doug Romanow. Frequent performances around town quickly followed, including those with world music leaders Trust and Freedom. In an effort to draw fans and funds towards her pending full length album Ruthann held her own event Prelude at the Reverb where she completely packed the house

Ruthann released her first CD in Winter 2001. Written and produced by herself, Ruthann’s BE includes an impressive cast of musicians such as demon guitar player Kevin Breit (Kd. Lang, Sarah Slean), renowned rock violinist Hugh March (Loreena McKennitt, Martin Tielli’s Nick Buzz) and drummer extraordinaire Gary Craig (Jann Arden, Anne Murray). Working with Danny Greenspoon (Great Big Sea, Holly Cole) and a number of other engineers, BE was recorded in some of Toronto’s very best studios including Wellsley Sound and Umbrella.

A sample of BE on attracted 20,000 listeners in only 12 weeks. She is available online through,, itunes, Napster and
Recent synchronization highlights include cuts from BE in Vancouver film See Grace Fly, written and directed by Pete McCormack (Blue Butterfly staring William Hurt) and named one of the top two films at this year’s Montreal Film Fest. Also Ruthann composed the original score for the Toronto Short film Cookie Girls got the Dough by Jeffery Smith and James Fowler

Ruthann toured rural areas of South Africa as part of the micro business promotion tour. She started planning her trip to South Africa in 2002 when she sang at Desmond Tutu’s event I Am Free, which was televised and hosted by Pamela Wallin. Ruthann is a strong anti-poverty, aids awareness, and child activist and regularly performs on behalf of these issues. She is also a painter and has donated a number of pieces to raise money for medical and food supplies for those in need. Ruthann currently resides in the Toronto Beaches with her husband and two daughters.



Written By: Ruthann Springle

One purple dress
down to the floor
wore it to her graduation

was there a dance
was there a boy
I'll never know

and if that dress could speak
and if that dress could talk

one purple dress
she gave to me
I was just fifteen
it was a beauty
like I've never seen

so I took it up
to just above the knee
it was more me

so I wore it to a graduation
was there a boy?
I'm not telling
for the sake of tradition
for the sake of tradition

and if that dress could speak
and if that dress could talk

what would it say?
what would it say?
what would it say?
what would it say?.....

you'll never know

Life is Hard

Written By: Ruthann Springle

life is hard
'aint it the truth
when you believe it
we are poor
'aint it a fact
when that's how you see it

twenty-four hours a day
you have the power to say
how it is

and I believe
life is the way
I say that it will be

and I confess
sometimes I live for less
sometimes I take the bait
sometimes I give in
to the way it's been
or just leave it up to fate

my dear girl
have your own mind
and you'll never loose it

you'll go far
so long
as you choose it

even when you've gone a way
you'll have the power to say
how it is

I could live a lifetime believing
the stories that keep me small
and I could blame everyone
for the misfortunes
that keep me in my sleep

but I want more.


Written By: Ruthann Springle

I've tried to be an intellectual
I've tried to play dumb
I've tried to make you like me
tried to be someone
I've tried to be cool
tried to be tough
tried to give you everything
when nothing's enough
all of this trying
has led me to see
all that I want boy
is just to be
be be

well I've tried to be a nice girl
I've tried to be good
tried to do everything
that a good girl should
tried to be perfect
perfectly kind
everythin'g perfect
but I'm losing my mind
I've gotta get out of here
I gotta get free
'cause all that I want boy
is just to be

be be be be

well I made my exit quickly
I waqs half way down the road
when an old man came to meet me
he was carrying a leavy load
he said he noticed I was running
trying to get somewhere fast
he said that he's been running
just to find a place to rest
a cry of desparation
comes over me
all that I want
all that I want
all that I want
is just to be

Right Time Right Place

Written By: Ruthann Springle

not available

I can not go back

Written By: Ruthann Springle

I can not go back
like nothing has changed
I can not return
like everythings the same

'cause I have been changing
and I see things different now

still I wish for this moment
that I could go back somehow

but when I see too much
it changes your world
sometimes it's easier
to let illusions live

but when you face the truth
of hard reality
it might break your heart
but it can set your spirit free

I can not go back
to what no longer is
no wishful thinking will put
sorry on your lips

there's too much between us
and I see things differently

still I wish for this moment
that you were here with me

sometimes I wish that it was different
I wish I could change it all
but I am just one person
sometimes I listen for your call
your call


Written By: Ruthann Springle

you shoot yourself up
with a load of sweet cocaine
you know me well
but you can't even
remember your own name
an you
take the cake
you take a bite
you soak it in

I got you
and you got me
under the skin

slowly down
in a purple vein
the time is coming
when the redness feels no pain

and I'm caught between
what feels good and bad
I want to leave
but I'll make you mad

am I strong enough

and I ask myself
am I strong enough to love you?
I ask myself
do I really give a damn?

you test my faith
you mock my world
right down to the core
am I strong enough
to let this be the end?

well you give me nothing
but a pound of grief to savour
and a place to live in
as long as I'm your saviour

and it's either or
its ands or buts
you promise me
you're gonna give it up

but are you strong enough?
am I strong enough?

you say you're gonna change but
you never do


Written By: Ruthann Springle

God have mercy

when she smiles her face lights up
like an angel
and her radiance transcends
the dirt and worn out clothes

and I watch her as she looks
into her reflection
it's just a little too familiar
to the very one I own

she wears her sins
on her scuffed up sleeve
she can be a little girl
who likes to play make believe
and in this play she's got the lead
'cause she knows how to bleed
and she knows how to love you
and she knows how to hate you
and she knows how to give you
what you want

Run to you

Written By: Ruthann Springle

when the nightime has fallen
and the new world has begun
when the heart that's been beating
beats now to a different drum

when the body I have carried
since my time began
gives way to the grave
surrenders to the sand

I will come to you

I will come to you
I will come to you
I will come to you
with arms wide open

I will run to you
I will run to you
I will run with
joy and celebration

when the sorrows
and the heartaches
are gathered one by one
and the aching all the yearning
is swallowed by the sun

when all of the unknown
will one day be revealed
as the healer brings the answers
to that which was concealed

oh, we will be together again

You've got a way

Written By: Ruthann Springle

sittin' on the floor
while you make me
a café-au-lait
you're humming a tune
that you just heard
on the radio

asked me how I slept
and I tell you everything's okay
You don't miss a beat
you're just too sweet
here in my heart
what a way to start
the day

baby, baby
baby, you've got a way
and you keep me goin'

baby, baby
baby, you've got a way
a way of showin' me
through every little thing you do

that nobody compares to you

and it's crystal clear
as sure as I am standing here
and I got to say
baby you've got
baby you've got a way

talkin' with a girlfriend
she's splittin' up with her man
we both start to cry
as she tells me he is leavin'

makes me stop and think
what a lucky girl am I
to have found you
one that is true
here in my heart
what a way to start
the day


BE - 2001
Freedom - CD single 2002

Set List

Current set list contain original compositions from the CD BE as well as unreleased material.

Ruthann has over 100 songs with 25 in current rotation at concerts