Mapping out chaos to create a passionate musical spectrum of rock, folk, blues, jazz, funk, ballad, angry, emotional, dance, cry, sing, laugh, scream, and just Be, roll-on-the-ground good music.


Rutherford is a quintet from Columbia, Missouri, that plays rock music. Sometimes heavy, sometimes mellow, from fluid flows to dramatic changes Rutherford uses pop hooks and guitar riffs and flourishing drums and sonorous trumpet as well as soaring singing harmonies to create epic autobiographical cinema-in-sound. They are funky, they are passionate, they are thunderously engaging.

Rutherford was born out of love! Yes, it is true. One evening in 2003 Jeff Mueller saw Ruth Acuff play at an Open Mic in Columbia, MO. Enchanted by her soaring compositions and angelic voice, he came back the next night for her show at the same venue, and had the pleasure of meeting her. After months of subtle suggestions from Jeff of the possibilities of their musical collaboration, Ruth finally agreed. Ruth was surprised at how well Jeff’s bass playing framed and flowed through her songs. For the first few months Jeff mainly sat in with Ruth, occasionally accompanied by percussionist Jason Cook, who Jeff had played with in the band Mah Jones.

Then love entered the picture. Jeff had expressed romantic interest in Ruth previously, but it wasn’t until spring of 2004 when Ruth began to feel interest in Jeff. That summer their love solidified, and by the fall they had recorded as a duo and were performing around Columbia. Ruth was even playing the bass on some of Jeff’s songs. At this point trumpeteer Edward Watson was occasionally sitting in, and Jason Cook was becoming a constant member of the band. Jeff realized that many of Ruth’s songs had a Led Zeppelin-like heaviness that would be fleshed-out if he could get her to play his electric guitar and that winter they went electric and officially incorporated Cook and Watson into the line-up.

In Spring 2005 Rutherford began work on Mapping Out Chaos with Wil Reeves of Bockman. Guitarist Pat O’Driscoll began sitting in around this time, and by the end of the recording sessions he became a full member of the group.

Now as a five-piece Rutherford feels their line-up is complete. Ruth and Jeff more equally share the songwriting, with O’Driscoll contributing some tunes as well. They have begun jamming together more to create group compositions as well. Their summer goals are to take their epic melodious music into neighboring states and build up their fan base, and to begin work on their second album in the fall.

Rutherford has performed @ The Blue Note, Mojo's, Eastside Tavern, Cherry Street Artisan, and The Blue Fugue/Music Cafe, (Columbia, MO), The Broadway Oyster Bar and Magee's (St.Louis, MO) as well as Camp Zoe (in Salem, Mo), Anna Bananas (Honolulu, Hawaii), R&B's (Sand Island, Hawaii) and Blake's on Telegraph (Berkeley, CA.)

Rutherford has shared the stage with Bockman, Ludo, Joe Stickley's Blueprint, The Station, Split Lip Rayfield, Amsterband, Mark Bilyeu, Spookie Daly Pride, The Doxies, Stendek, The Make Believe, Nova Lunacy, Caulfield and the Magic, Two Gallants, Slugtrail, Thinline, 40 Thieves, The Follow, Javier Mendoza Band, The Ham, Echelon, In Thicket, PsychoSis, Sea of Red, The Mathmatics, The Passion, and many others.



Written By: Ruth Acuff

So you finally got what you want
Take a good look right at it
So you finally got what you want
Does it make you realize
You can never be satisfied
Unless you decide

I am coming to the point where I realize
Happiness is in my mind
And I can decide
If I want it

I realize I must be happy with myself
Before I move on to someone else
My beauty and my flaws make me who I am
And knowing this helps me see
That I can . . .

There’s something in me that I’ve been killing
That I’ve been killing, but it’s been left behind (2x)

I’ve found an idea so old, but it seems so new
I’ve found and idea so old, yet it pierces me through

I am coming to the point where I realize
Happiness is in my mind
And I can decide
If I want it


Written By: Jeff Mueller

growing and learning and reaching and yearning
to become something better than what i am -
is that where the fault lies?
believing that learning is slow and discerning
and everything that i am needs to be revised.

isn't it enough to be alive to be breathing
do i have to constantly strive to be leaving
this here this now
is there a point that's worth reaching
or is the striving simply leeching
my awareness of the now
there's nowhere to go anyhow

but sometimes the tension dissolves
and everything just seems to fall
right into place.

the fall from the garden is a lie told to pardon
ourselves for not giving flight to the spirits inside of us
we fall in love with the fight, with all the struggle we call life
all the while denying ourselves
the heaven that's thriving in front of us.

and all the time we spend wistfully dreaming
of living a life that's chock-full of meaning
while we traded ours for security
wouldn't it be much more fulfilling
maybe frightening but maybe thrilling
to bring our dreams into reality
to give ourselves permission to be

no one is going to sing your songs for you
and no one is going to paint your pictures for you
let them out into this world
let all of your tensions unfurl
dare to let your dreams come true

maybe the time's come to tear it all apart
and take the chance to start again.
maybe the time's come to wipe clean the slate
and finally make amends

Ninth Street

Written By: Ruth Acuff

Walking down on 9th street again
Time to wake up time to take the beat time to tell my friends
I hear the music from the corner so I follow it there
As long as it’s music you know I really don’t care

Another dealer walking down the street
He said it was cool that I was clean
He said I should just walk with myself
I don’t really know what that means

But I know that the devil knows my desires
And I know that he wants me on his side
But in my mind this devil has been fired
So there is no reason for me to hide

Got a lot of things I need to do before I leave
Need to make sure everybody knows I still care
Need to get out in the garden and roll up my sleeves
Yeah I guess I guess I’ll start from there

But I know that the devil knows my desires
And I know that he wants me on his side
But in my mind this devil has been fired
So there is no reason for me to hide

Maybe someday I will grow up and learn to pay the bills
Maybe someday I will show up with all the time that I have killed
Maybe someday all my somedays will fade away
Then I will turn someday into today

But I know that the devil knows my desires
And I know that he wants me on his side
But in my mind this devil has been fired
So there is no reason for me to hide


Mapping Out Chaos

Set List

Rutherford has a set list of about 30 original songs, as well as perform covers from Dolly Parton, The Faces, Disney, and more.


Only One
The Seed
Mapping Out Chaos
Ninth Street
White Pretend
Autumn Angel
Heaven Hell and In Between
The Breeze
Darkest Shade of Grey
Black Mountain
Grunge Pop Flashback
Relax and Bloom
Logic and Chemistry
The Light
Young Girl

Buzzin' Fly - Tim Buckley
I Want You - Bob Dylan
Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat - Disney's Aristocrats
Oo La La - Faces
Jolene - Dolly Parton