Rutherford Williams

Rutherford Williams


We are Rutherford Williams, our music a tidal wave: once it reaches you, you’ll be scooped up and carried away - a ride you’ll never forget. This burning desire for expression, rushing up from deep down, part of our shared human experience; our music the forum for its release. Join us.


Based out of Brampton, ON we are a five piece band whose music can best be described as folk-rock/alternative. We’ve been together for just over a year now, and while that may not sound like a long time, we each have previous performance experience and have already put out our first album: a four song self-titled EP that came out in June 2010. Our first full length album will be underway this summer, 2011.

Our music is written from the pure, simple desire to express. For us, our musical energy is best spent on turning thoughts and emotion into lyrics and sound. One band member will come up with the essential elements of a song, and if we like it enough, we will all work on it and contribute to it until it just feels right, something clicks inside all of us. Although not premeditated, this process usually leads to a style all our own with a solid basis in rock and a peppering of folk, alternative, indie, pop, and at times even a little blues for good measure.

Our sound may be unified, but in reality each of us has a different musical background and experience. Some of us have spent time dabbling in many different musical genres, from classical to hip-hop, rock and experimental. As a band, we feel that this diversity gives us a creative edge because we have so many different tools at our disposal. Rather than clashing up against one another, we easily find common ground, drawing together the most valuable parts of each individual's experience and becoming one with musical fluidity.

Although we each come from our own unique musical background, we believe the following artists link to us and our song writing the best: The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Jeff Buckley, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Coldplay, Martin Tielli, Gordon Lightfoot, Tori Amos, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan, Rush, Phish, Rick Phillips and Dave Viva.

Honestly, we just want to share our music with you. When that happens, we're happy.


Our first EP, self-titled, was recorded at BWC Studios in Brampton, ON and was released in June 2010.

All four tracks are available on our My Space ( as well as on CBC Radio 3 web site ( "Someday," "Not Too Much," "Wild and Sweet," and "The Fall."

Set List

You Are Here – Rutherford Williams
So Clear – Rutherford Williams
Witch's Dance – Rutherford Williams
The Fall – Rutherford Williams
Not Too Much – Rutherford Williams
Someday – Rutherford Williams
Can You Hear Me? – Rutherford Williams
In Blue – Rutherford Williams
Wild and Sweet – Rutherford Williams
Lemon Soup – Rutherford Williams

People Are Strange – The Doors
Love Me Two Times – The Doors
Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder
Ahead by a Century – The Tragically Hip
Jennifer – Burt Sommers
Ramble On – Led Zeppelin
Come Together – The Beatles
For What It's Worth – Buffalo Springfield
The Weight – The Band
Street Spirit – Radiohead
Hard to Handle - Otis Redding
Helpless - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young