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Ruthie Smith

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My music is an outlet to all of life's experiences and journeys. Sometimes the road is up and down but we have a hope that at the end of life's struggles God will always be there to receive the Glory for pulling us through. In my music I try to reflect that.


The Lord told me to start pursuing my music a couple months ago, and so with HIM at my side, I'm doing so.

I grew up in Southern California. I was very outgoing as a child, land have loved music since I can remember. I was always in the church musicals and a proud "Band Nerd" at school.

In my teens I started entering a rough stage of my life. I lacked the self-esteem to pursuit any kind of dream. I hid my pains/fears with a huge loveable smile so others would think I was just fine. It was during this time when the Lord gave me songs to describe how I felt.

I've been down a bumpy road, but have overcome so much through the Lord Jesus. I started singing my original songs at church, and friends would say, "wow, that was awesome".

One day my brother-in-law told me to that I better start pursuing my music. He kept calling me for weeks, and told me that I have a gift and I shouldn't be selfish with it.

Well, it took a couple of years but a few months ago, the LORD called my name. It took another few months for me to buckle down and realize that my confidence shouldn't come from the songs/or music, but should come from the Lord.

The messages in my songs can help others besides myself and I told the Lord, that I wanted to be used so here I am. I'm taking the first step.

The songs that I write are inspirations from the Lord. They are basically heaven sent I just sit and listen to what God gives me then I write.

I sing with passion, play and write with the passion that the Lord has given me. I used to be so shy, but the Lord has given me the strength to share with others what HE has given me. It's for HIS glory that I write and sing.

I have dozens of songs, some that are just full of praise/ some that are cool and funky, and other that reflect a not so easy time of my life.

The first song I got recorded "My Angel" is a song about the devastation of my unborn child dying in my womb. Whether it be "nature", or "choices", there are many people men/women who suffer with feelings of guilt/loss/grief/confusion/anger and need some way to help deal with it. I think since it is all too common that society just says', Oh, it's something that happens. You'll get over it. Meanwhile there are those of us left with holes in our hearts.

Music is my gateway to touch people in a positive way. I hope you enjoy. God bless you!


My Angel

Written By: Ruth Smith

My angel

You were everything to me, but in this world not meant to be
I never saw your precious face
I never felt your sweet embrace

Oh how I long to see you smile
And hold you in my arms
In heaven, In heaven

I will see you and (you’ll know me)
Your little feet will run (straight towards me)
We’ll hug and laugh (forever)
And always be (together)
In heaven

On that day you had to leave, I saw you smiling down on me
Oh that morning sun peaked through the clouds,
And my finally sang out loud

Of joy and peace, cuz I could see,
Your beauty shining down,
From Heaven, in Heaven

I will see you and (you’ll know me)
Your little feet will run (straight towards me)
We’ll hug and laugh (forever)
And always be (together)
In heaven

In heaven, in heaven,
You’ll see me and you;ll know me
And you will, run straight to me
You’ll hug me, and squeeze me
We’ll be together
In Heaven

My angel you are
My angel you are


No CD's out yet. I have one song on mp3 is because it was a gift from my husband from Christmas. A 4 hour studio session. The best gift I've ever received apart from my salvation! :0)