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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Ruth Kavanagh Hits Big time
Check This OUT!
Music that hits Hard - John M

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Beater: Music of self and social conscience
emPower Rock in the deep dynamic groove... - Canadian Musician pg 76


Just released debut single "PAYING" Check it out! 12 stores world-wide

Ruth Kavanagh With a wealth of audacious talent, mojo, and life experience, we are on the road again.

Ruth Kavanagh , after all our years of human being...laughing and defiant, we emerge...

Out On Our Own

Ruth Kavanagh concert..multi-genre songs of self and social conscience in the deep, dynamic groove...

Unchained and released Fall 2009

Ruth Kavanagh ..we're out there... working on completing our debut album due out in the Fall 2009

About our tunes...

These two samples are derived from our latest offerings...

"Paying ...for those of you wondering what I have been up to the last few decades...

"Caledonia Resistance"

This song reflects my thoughts about the situation in Caledonia.

Enough rhetoric, its time for everyone to step back...and THINK.



As you can see, RUTH has led an interesting life. The ideas and concepts for her many and diverse projects have evolved from her intense interest in people, her knowledge of the power of public education, and the "act" in activism.
Over the last few years, buoyed by the success of their innovative offering, the “POWER OF RHYTHM MULTI-CULTURAL SHOW,” an educational, interactive and participatory glimpse into the ancient, intuitive and playful origins of world folk music, story-telling, song, and dance, Ruth and her partner, Fred, also wrote, performed and produced “STICKS&STONES...THE DYNAMICS OF BULLYING,” a natural expansion and extension of the precepts and philosophies of the “POWER OF RYHTHM MULTI-CULTURAL SHOW.”

This powerful, interactive and participatory experience “STICKS&STONES…THE DYNAMICS OF BULLYING” is accessed, like the previous show, POWER OF RHYTHM, through music, story-telling, song and dance. It also addresses the issues and dynamics of bullying, emphasizing and targeting the areas of racism, sexism, diversity, and inclusiveness by literally "walking kids through" the dynamics of the bully/victim/bystander through assisted improvised role-play.
STICKS&STONES...THE DYNAMICS OF BULLYING became a turning point in her life as she began to realize that dealing with the bullying issues of her 3 children had inadvertently triggered long-forgotten memories of her own experiences with bullying as a child. She began to see the patterns as a pervasive and oftentimes generational continuum affecting not only the individual, but also the family, work and society-at-large. It was not just "kid's stuff" anymore.
This revelation was apparently the key to accessing the vision of music with meaning through the empowering "teaching" songs of self and social conscience that embody the essence of all that is Ruth Kavanagh

One of her related projects, the “INTERNATIONAL BUDDYGUARD INITIATIVE” evolved as a system in response to what could more effectively be done regarding bullying and it's important and related social and ethical issues in order to help our children now to put their own creative coping strategies into action. It specifically protects younger children from bullies while they are at school by having the older kids in grades 6, 7 and 8 act as a "stand-in" in a "big brother or sister" role. Because bullying needs to stop. Now. And, it all starts with you!

Ruth and Fred also created "THE EARTH’S FIRST MUSIC” a children's intuitive and empowering combined music and theatre program exploring and experiencing, step-by-step the basics of sound and rhythm in music, dance, story-telling, costume design and drama. Here, our children will learn of the discovery of the first musical instrument…the human voice.

Through the empowering and unifying circle of sharing, our children will learn how to best work together as a team to create and ultimately perform their very own play based on the legacy of our ancient ancestors, the playful and intuitive Earth's First People, the discoverers of the “EARTH’S FIRST MUSIC.”

Out of “THE EARTH’S FIRST MUSIC” evolved the “MEDICINE DRUM ZONE,” an interactive and participatory children and adult hand drum/percussion wellness circles.

Our next major project is a world-wide expansion of the POWER OF RHYTHM MULTI-CULTURAL SHOW

Future plans include the innovative Rock-Opera: LIES, LITANIES AND LAMENTS...A POINTED&PLAYFUL SOCIAL COMMENTARY as seen through the fey eyes of This Child, featuring songs from the album “INTERVENTION.”

Future projects also include: a trilogy of movies: CHANGELING/THE BOND: (centerpiece,) a musical fantasy revolving around one woman's near-death experience that reunites her with the Faery playmates of her childhood.
PAST LIVES: prequel, about the life-paths not taken…and the consequences.
PARALELL LIVES: sequel, an elemental 'twist of a tale relating to the emergence of the "New People," the “Hybrids” the "5th Race"

History: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, FRED MAY, has created, produced and marketed three albums thus far. A member of SOCAN since 1976, Fred presently multi-tasks as ARTS EDUCATOR, MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, COMPOSER, DIRECTOR/PRODUCER and VIDEOGRAPHER, Fred's initial success came early at age 16 when he co -wrote the theme for a humorous documentary show called "LIVE IT UP" for CTV. Well-known producer and musician DANIEL LANOIS worked with Fred, engineering and playing guitar on “LIVE IT UP.” Fred has appeared in CAN-WEST GLOBAL’S movie: “MARKED FOR DEATH.” Fred has also played drums for award-winning band, “SHERIFF,” well-known back in the day for the hit "YOU, BABE."
Fred has also written music for CBC'S “THIS LAND” back in 1987-1989.

Power of Rhythm Multi-Cultural Show: www.powerofrhythm.50meg