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The best kept secret in music


"Ruth Koll"

Ruth Koll was born on the 18th of
April 1990 in Sofia Bulgaria. She grew up being a big fan of Whitney Houston, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and Ella Fitzgerald. A few years later she wanted to show her talent to the world and found an audition for "Like the Lions". She appeared at the audition and was allowed into the episode on the spot. Then, at Rita Cole's request, she performed "Respect" for the audience, and got an amazing response from the judges Her popularity on the program earned her the "Talent of 1999". . That's when the calls started pouring in. She was invited to do the 2001 Gospelfest in Germany that she brought an entire crowd to its feet.

This year she's back to be guest at the 2004 Gospel and Jazz Fest, and for sure she will leave the audience on their feet with eyebrows raised and jaws dropped. - Data Germany,Gospel/Jazz Fest

"Review On Ruth Koll"

In a childhood filled with singing and dancing, Ruth Koll had already shown early signs of a talent that would take her from being Bulgaria 's biggest teenage pop sensation to an international recording artist. At the tender age of 11, Ruth beat 5,300 other young singers to be crowned winner of the International Junior Singing Contest "Eurovision" Held in Rome/Italy by belting her rendition of “Contigo'En la Disstancia”.

Ruth's cosmopolitan background helped her set new standards for the Bulgarian music industry. Despite singing in Bulgarian language, Ruth's popularity also allowed her to perform abroad.

She was chosen to represent Bulgaria for the French Television program "World Sound". The program was seen by audiences in Australia and throughout Southeast Asia .

Rurh Koll is the first Bulgarian female artist to launch an international career and has gained unprecedented success all across Europe. There is no European country that is not familiar with her name.


"Music Reviews"

...During the years she has performed in 50 different talent shows, and won 47 of those, jury has expressed themselves with words like “Ruth’s voice is both better and stronger than the original artist’s voice!” (
Christina Aguilera, Jill Scott, Rachel Lampa, Etta James etc)...
BBC Radio

European singer Ruth Koll was just 11 when she emerged o n the pop/rock scene in 2001. Ready to take o n the pop domination of Britney and Christina with a sound wise beyond her teenage years, Ruth positioned herself among the more established and credible artists (Joss Stone, Jill Scott, Rachel Lampa) reigning adult alternative pop/rock.
Born Ruth Koleva in 1990, the sunkissed darling grew up listening to American soul and R'n'B.
Aretha Franklin was a favorite and in time, Koll realized that she possessed an impressive throaty vocal style with both depth and emotion, much like her idols...

Ruth Koll has made quite a name for herself at such a young age, joining the very select order of teen music idols, including opera starlet Charlotte Church and soul sensetion Joss Stone, beginnings were even more impressive. She went on a British TV talent show, just for fun, and stunned an unsuspecting audience and scouts hungry for new talent.
British Glamour Magazine
- european magazines

"The soul of ruth"


"It's soul music. I have to feel it, in order to sing it with a little bit of soul." Said Ruth.
Lately, it seems that whenever a new teen pop star comes along, she releases a couple of annoyingly catchy but highly forgettable tunes, only to be replaced by a fresher face; not so with Ruth Koll.
Once in a blue moon, a young, new talent comes along to shake things up, and Ruth Koll is just that. She sings soul with the maturity of a veteran songstress
Ruth is extremely likable, modest and wise beyond her years. Between songs, she giggles with the charm of the girl next door. When compared to Dusty Springfield, she blushes.
And she is quick to challenge old notions of race and music. She sings soul, not "black" or "white" music

When Ruth first performed on the BBC, she was entirely unrefined. It was her natural, 14-year-old pipes that belted out tunes like a Motown goddess.
She says she's the only one in her family who sings, so she has no one but herself to thank for her golden vocal cords.
And when someone that young is equated with the great pioneers of a genre, you know she has talent to spare - Elle Magazine/Sean Thomas


Single "No fear"-
Including Ruth's Song "Don't search for me"



15 year-old singer Ruth Koll is an accomplished singer, songwriter, pianist, saxophonist and dancer, she has won over 60 awards for singing in international and national championships. A naturally talented performer and life-long lover of music, Ruth began playing the piano at the age of 3, had composed her first song by the time she was 10 and at 12 had her first tour in Europe and Asia. "On stage I feel completely, 100% myself. You can never really see an artist until you see them live" says Ruth.

She first gained national attention at the age of 8 when she appeared on the Bulgarian television show "Like the Lions". Her popularity on the program earned her the "Talent of 1999". Although only in her early teens, Ruth has already performed on countless stages on 4 continents- Europe, Asia, North America and Australia- and appeared on numerous television shows in Europe.

Ruth is inspired by many genres of music and compares her style to female singers like Christina Aguilera, Jill Scott and Tina Turner. Her music is a blend of pop, R&B, jazz and rock. Ruth's natural singing ability combined with her 4-octave vocal range has rocketed her to substantial fame in Europe. She is currently planning a move to California in April and is sure to be recognized for her immense talent, breath taking voice and singing experience in the U.S. as well. To learn more about Ruth, visit her website at