Ruth Royall

Ruth Royall


The music I play has a very acoustic feel. I take influence from the blues which you can hear in many of my tracks.


Ruth has been playing and writing songs since she was 8 years old. She has always loved music which is why she choose to follow it in her career. Ruth plays guitar, piano and will try any other instrument that ventures into her hands.

Ruth's first joined a teenage rock band "sub-justice" when she was 13, she began to write the music for the band and soon had a collection of songs which they performeded in their home town of Stroud. Sub-justice went on to have quite a few good reviews in the local media and soon became known as the up and coming band of Stroud.

After a year with Sub-justice Ruth decided to start focusing on being a solo artist. She became well known in her home town playing regular gigs in local venues such as the Subscription Rooms. Ruth moved to Bristol at the age of 16 as she wanted to undertake a college course at Access to Music.

Ruth is fast becoming well known on the Bristol music scene and has been invited several times to play at the Bristol Folk House, she has also been invited at the Bristol acoustic music festival.

"The music I write is often about what is going on around me. I always likes to write about a subject and produce songs that are a bit quirky. When I listen to other artists I like it always inspires me to create more music".

Her influences range from Tracy Chapman, Nina Simone to Joni Mitchell. She also draws inspiration from Corrine Bailey Rae, Ragina Spector, Ryan Adams, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and The Beatles. Even PinkFloyd at times. More recently she has been listening to Ani Difranco, Feist and local Bristol band the Cedar.


Jelli Records showcase CD (two tracks)
released January 2008

Set List

Way down the river
Move on
Free from a lie
Face her fiction
Stepping stone
Theatrical dream
He was beautiful