Ruth is 18 year old Bulgarian-born Soul And Jazz singer. She has been dealing with music since she was a little child. Despite her age she has been working with one of the best Producers around the world, as well shared the stage with amazing musicians like Grammy Winner Bobby McFerrin.


Ruth is 18 year old Bulgarian-born singer.
Ruth's passion for music came at early age, her mother used to play Jazz and Blues for her since the moment she was born. She has been singing since she was 5. At 9 she had her first stage appearance in Thailand's finest sky-scrapper Bayok hotel and towers, in front of Thailand's prime minister. In 2000 when she was still 9 year's old, Bulgaria's most-read Newspaper "Noshten Trud" printed a 2 page article about her.

When Ruth was 13 she started attending singing competitions, won many of them.
At 15 she had her first demo recorded in New York with famous producer Martin Briley. As well she worked with top-manager Joe Fletcher.
At 16 she started singing on different music styles, shared the stage with dub legend Mad Professor, and many of Bulgarian Hip Hop Artists.
Sang on "Day Of Music" organized by the French Institute in Bulgaria.
In the beginning of 2007 she was admitted in the Kodak Theater's Hollywood Pop Academy in Los Angeles California, with a scholarship from Stevie Wonder.

In LA Ruth worked with Carlos Neal a producer from Universal.

In 2008 Ruth came back to Bulgaria to graduate high-school. Since January she has been part of the hip-hop label iLLmate. In July she shared the stage with Grammy Winner Bobby McFerrin.

Since October she has been working with the band
Unlimited - soul, funk and jazz formation.

Teodor Ivanov - Drums
Stoian Djaferov - Guitar
Teodor Totev(Toto) - Keys
Simeon Petrunov(Moni) - Bass


Live at Studio 1 - 2009

Set List

Jazz, Soul, Funk Original Music.

We have a rendition of Joss Stone's "Feel in love with a boy"
And Herbie Hancock's "The Essence"
But we don't do covers usually