Ruth Wise

Ruth Wise

 Northam, Western Australia, AUS

Ruth Wise is a pivotal young musician of the Australian folk scene, playing old and new songs and tunes with respect for tradition and eyes on the future. She draws on her strong musical heritage as a member of the critically acclaimed Wise Family Band and award-winning trio The Wise Girls, while grounded in the dynamic contemporary folk scene of today. After a few busy years as a university student, Ruth is now striking out on her own path and is emerging as a strong performer of critical signi


Ruth Wise is a young folk musician with talent and maturity well beyond her years, growing up under the musical tutelage of her parents, renowned duo Scott and Louisa Wise, and performing with them as the Wise Family Band since childhood. Ruth has also performed in a trio with her sisters as The Wise Girls, who were joint winners of the Declan Affley Youth Encouragement Award at the 2008 National Folk Festival. They also had their cover of 'Chelsea Morning' featured on the Troubadour Foundation's 'festival folk sing joni mitchell' compilation in 2009.

Having juggled performances with her family alongside full-time university studies and her work as the Youth Program Director at Fairbridge Festival (WA), Ruth is now re-emerging as a strong performer in her own right. She presents old and new songs and fiddle tunes representing both her strong musical heritage and the dynamic folk scene of today, including some of her own original tunes that sit firmly in traditional idioms while also striding forward into the present. She is accompanied by Dylan Reilly-Hynes on mandolin and guitar.


With the Wise Girls:
festival folk sing joni mitchell (Chelsea Morning) - 2009
The Wise Girls (self-titled) - 2009

With the Wise Family Band:
Hold Up the Sky - 2006
The Magic Fiddle - 2004
Sweet Child - 2002