The show must Go on!!!!! No matter what happens, how impossible, how far, the show must ALWAYS go on!!! Listen to my music and I PROMISE you WILL never be the same....


I sang all my life especially in church growing up.. I've broken out on my own... found a studio i call home and just living & breathing music... infact music is so much of me and I am so much of music, that I tattooed a trebel clef inbetween my shoulder blades....

There are 12 songs on my album & All my songs on my album are COMPLETE originals!! I wrote all the lyrics except for 1 song, "alone" .... I collaborated with the brilliant mind and musical talents of Bob. He's is the most talented guitar player since Jimi Hendrix.... in the studio, so much musical magic is congered that it feels like we've ressurected the souls of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

I've played gigs all over NYC and New Jersey. and I've gotten nothing but awesome reviews and feedback from the public. I've been praised after every set. But I still keep a humble confidence.

I am truly blessed to have the people who are in my life, to be in it. Especially my band members. These musicians are my family!

I'll make ANY gig!!! No matter how far or close it is... Music is my very essence and I will not let anybody down who is depending on me. I make a show WORTH IT!!! My album is ressurecting not only rock & roll but it is bringing music in general BACK TO LIFE!!!!

Like I always say "THE SHOW MUST GO ON"


You can hear my 1st single "Dont make me" (the demo version for now) at:

My music video is also comming out soon...
Still more info comming, a lot more so stay tuned...

Set List

I do a few Janis Joplin cover tunes and Alanis Morissette also.. I have 12 Original sons in my album. My set can last for as long as it needs to... 30mins, 1 hour, 2 hours... I do a lot of acoustic sets.